Case Studies

$1.3M in Telecom Refunds and Cost Savings: Case Study

In this case new case study, CEO Sharon Watkins discusses the telecom refunds and cost saving opportunities..Read More

Glass Manufacturer Saves $100K On Telecom Expenses

In this video case study, Sharon shares how RadiusPoint helped a global glass manufacturer with large retail operations in the U.S. to overcome a lack of procurement framework, and curb their telecom expenses by $100K+ in Year 1 to get a ROI of 200% on TEM services.Read More

TEM Process Automation Saves $100K to QSR Chain in Year 1

RadiusPoint helps organizations manage spends quickly and conveniently. In the case details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved a retail client from overspending valuable telecom dollars. Case Background: Nationwide restaurant chain with 240 restaurant locations and…Read More

How Managed Mobility Services Cut Costs 22% ($400K in Year 1)

A food service company with a wide array of locations, distribution facilities, food plants, farms and ranches had hundreds of wireless devices to manage. Unfortunately, our client had no wireless procurement policy framework, and no structure for adding new users to their plans or for procuring new devices. Hence their decision to hire RadiusPoint to rationalize their inventory of devices and lines. This was an MMS mission, a specialty in which we have a long-running experience.Read More

Telecom Service Outages: How to Avoid Them During an Acquisition

Telecom service outages often occur when an organization divest a part of its business…Read More

Inventory & Audit

In this video about the telecom Inventory & Audit process, Sharon Watkins, CEO…Read More

$100K+ in Cost Savings with TEM & Support Desk Services

This case study shows how a manufacturer succeeded in generating cost savings of…Read More

Vendor Managed Services: Why Tread Carefully

Each year, new vendors enter the telecom managed services market, offering what is called…Read More

Loss Prevention Program Cuts Costs at 10,000 Retail Locations

This case study shows how RadiusPoint managed a retailer’s loss prevention…Read More

Wireless Discovery and Optimization Saves $830K Annually

Managing wireless invoices for tens of thousands of users gets complicated and expensive…Read More

Utilities Expense Optimization Saves as Much as 13%

Clients outsource their utility invoices to RadiusPoint to identify savings opportunities they are unaware of…Read More

Overcoming Inflation-Driven Budget Woes With Cost Cutting

Commodity prices have hit historic highs and continue to climb. Businesses are grappling with supply chain disruptions, an energy crisis, and higher wages stemming from labor shortages. Today’s inflationary environment will be with us for some time. This confluence of challenges requires decisive steps to adjust prices, seek new sources of growth, and pursue aggressive cost cutting…Read More

A Due Diligence Process is Essential – M&A Support Services

Already bought and sold twice, a retailer that was on the market again for sale. The third buyer performed…Read More

Driving the Acquisition Transition Phase: Role of M&A Support Services

“Driving the acquisition transition phase” is key to achieving the financial objectives of an M&A…Read More

M&A Support Services | Transportation Industry Case Study

This brief case study highlights the role of M&A support services in the transportation industry…Read More

Inventory Management Uncovers Hidden Assets and Services

Inventory management is one of the eight cornerstone functions of ExpenseLogic®…Read More

Vacancy Cost Recovery Decreases Utility Expenses by 12%

Vacancy Cost Recovery is a significant part of the issues faced by property management..Read More

587% ROI on TEM/UEM Services in FY2018

RadiusPoint generated a 587% ROI on TEM/UEM services on average for our clients in FY 2018. ROI is measured and verified…Read More

Cost Cutting & a 400% ROI: TEM/UEM Services in a Growth-by-Acquisitions Scenario

Cost cutting at operations level is more often than not one of the top 3 objectives of…Read More

Managed Mobility Services: Top 3 Differentiators Between Providers

A multitude of managed mobility services (MMS) providers have appeared…Read More

Vendor Billing Audits for a Nationwide Landscaping Company

Technology and utility billing audits remain a primary focus of RadiusPoint’s core expertise as we continue…Read More

Contingency Fee Pricing Model: Beware

If you heard the term “contingency fee pricing model”, did you ever wonder which party…Read More

Utilizing RadiusPoint for Vacant Cost Recovery

A term described to aid property owners in recovering costs associated with tenants…Read More

Facilities Management: 3 Plans to Yield Cost & Energy Savings

Facilities management is the body of knowledge and practices implemented to ensure the functionality…Read More

Cost Reduction Plan Saves 2,000+ Man-Hours

Any cost reduction plan implemented in the context of an acquisition or a divestiture must take into account…Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions: A More Seamless Integration Process

Mergers & acquisitions tend to generate their own margin-depressing cascading effects at Procurement…Read More

Bill Audit + e-Procurement: Cost Savings of 37% on Water Delivery

This case study shows how a bill audit carried out by RadiusPoint, associated with the use of an e-Procurement portal…Read More

Technology Expense Management on a Single Platform: Results

Technology Expense Management service providers like RadiusPoint agree on…Read More

Invoice Audits – Which is More Beneficial: One-off or Monthly?

When evaluating invoice audit frequency requirements in the process…Read More

TEM-UEM Services: 370% ROI for our Clients in 2020

RadiusPoint, a BPO service provider and a leader in the TEM-UEM services industry….Read More

Cost Avoidance & Savings: $40K in UEM Cost Optimization

This case study is about cost avoidance and cost savings in utility expense management…Read More

Shipping Cost Optimization Saves $1.1M Annually

Shipping cost optimization has become a major priority for the logistics, transportation, retail & wholesale…Read More

Inventory Management Helps Recovering $174K in Credits

Inventory management is one of the 8 cornerstone functions of our SaaS platform, ExpenseLogic…Read More

Missing Due Diligence Inventory Adds $15K to Acquisition Cost

When making an acquisition, it pays off for the acquiring company to add a due diligence inventory of…Read More

Facilities Benchmarking and Energy Star Programs

Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment…Read More

Normalizing Invoice Processing and Payment in Hyper-Growth Phase

This case study focuses on what RadiusPoint did to avoid the straining of the invoice processing and…Read More

Streamlining Invoice Processing for a Healthcare Client

As part of its telecom/utility invoice processing, expense management and process optimization services…Read More

Telecom Expense Management in Healthcare

Implementing best practices in utility and telecom expense management in healthcare organizations…Read More

Utilities Mismanagement Costs $18K in Unnecessary Expenses

Utility management is one of RadiusPoint’s BPO specialties. An eye glass retailer-manufacturerRead More

$1.3M Savings Generated Across 5 Acquisitions

Discussing mergers and acquisitions, accounting and consulting firm Deloitte stated…Read More

Audit Uncovers Unrealized Cost Savings of $250K+

This case study focuses on the potential for cost savings stemming from a…Read More

Vendor Management: 13.6% Savings on Cleaning Services

This vendor management case study is a good example of how RadiusPoint helps large organizations generate…Read More

BPO: TEM/UEM/MMS Services with a SaaS Platform

Organizations face a slew of factors affecting their employee’s ability to manage successfully the services and…Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions Management/Cost Avoided Case Study

According to Deloitte, “Corporations and private equity firms pin the most blame on external factors, but…Read More

SaaS Spend & Cloud Spend Management Results in Cost Savings

G2 defines Cloud Spend Management Software as: “Software [that] helps companies reduce…Read More

Finding Hidden Money in your Trash

Are you ready to kick trash overcharges to the curb? Are you paying attention to your company’s trash costs?Read More

AP/Ordering Process Automation Nets 448% ROI

Healthcare organizations are contending with increasing costs, decreasing revenues…Read More

News Room

RadiusPoint in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management

Orlando, FL June 21st, 2019 [Updated: Nov 2021]– RadiusPoint©, the leading single-source platform, and a major provider of Technology Expense Management services announces its inclusion as aRead More

RadiusPoint Included as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management

Orlando, FL October 20th, 2020- RadiusPoint©, the leading single-source platform…Read More

RadiusPoint in the Gartner 2021 Market Guide for TEM

Orlando, FL – January 10, 2022 — The Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management…Read More

RadiusPoint Celebrates 30 Years

Orlando, Florida – RadiusPoint is excited to announce its 30th Anniversary this January…Read More

Adding Billing Analyst

Orlando, Florida – In the face of technology changes, RadiusPoint realizes that we must grow, change and adapt…Read More

Women Presidents’ Organization Announces New Member Sharon Watkins

The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a peer advisory group for million dollar..Read More

RadiusPoint Announces Clients’ ROI of 470% for Second Quarter of 2019

Orlando, FL October 17th, 2019—RadiusPoint, the leading lifecycle enterprise expense management…Read More

Introducing License Manager to ExpenseLogic 8.0 Users

RadiusPoint©, one of the leading telecom, wireless, and utility expense management provider and..Read More

Announcing Third Quarter Improvements to ExpenseLogic 8.0

Orlando, FL September 04, 2019—RadiusPoint, industry-leader for telecom..Read More

RadiusPoint Announces Corporate Gift Matching Program for Employees

RadiusPoint© is excited to announce the Gift Matching Program that highlights several..Read More

RadiusPoint Launches New Website To Support Enterprise Operations

Orlando, FL July 12, 2019– RadiusPoint©, the industry-leading expense tool for communications and…Read More

RadiusPoint Announces Clients’ ROI of 572% for First Quarter of 2019

Orlando, FL July 11th, 2019—RadiusPoint, the leading technology, and utility expense management..Read More

RadiusPoint and Unduit Announce Integrated Partnership

RadiusPoint©, the leading communication, and wireless expense management provider and…Read More

RadiusPoint Expands ExpenseLogic 8.0 Capabilities

Orlando, FL May 17th, 2019- RadiusPoint, the leading service provider for telecom and utility expense management…Read More

RadiusPoint Announces GSA Certification

Orlando, FL April 30, 2018- RadiusPoint is proud to announce it has been awarded a 5 year IT Schedule…Read More

Sharon Watkins Honored as 2019 CEOs of the Year by Orlando Business Journal

Orlando, FL April 5th, 2019- The Orlando Business Journal has recognized Sharon Watkins…Read More

Announcing New Additions to ExpenseLogic 8.0 Quarterly Updates

Orlando, FL April 2nd, 2019- RadiusPoint, the leading service provider…Read More

RadiusPoint Delivers New Solutions Exploration Experience

Orlando, FL February 14th, 2019- RadiusPoint©, the leading single-source platform, and service provider for…Read More

RadiusPoint Announces Quarterly Improvements to ExpenseLogic 8.0

Orlando, FL February 12, 2019— RadiusPoint, the leading service…Read More

RadiusPoint Announces User & Training Conference, Accelerate Innovation 2019

Orlando, FL February 1, 2019, – RadiusPoint©, the leading telecom…Read More

RadiusPoint Joins Elite Organization, CEO Connection

Orlando, FL- January 18, 2019- RadiusPoint©, the leading telecom and energy expense management provider is…Read More

Video Library

Cutting Telecom Expenses in a Down Economy: TEM in Focus

Telecommunication services rank amongst the top 5 operating expenses of almost…Read More

Optimization & Cost Cutting in 2023

Because we are experts in expense management and cost cutting, our clients ask…Read More

Overcoming Inflation-Driven Budget Woes With Cost Cutting

Commodity prices have hit historic highs and continue to climb. Businesses are grappling with supply chain disruptions, an energy crisis, and higher wages stemming from labor shortages. Today’s inflationary environment will be with us for some time. This confluence of challenges requires decisive steps to adjust prices, seek new sources of growth, and pursue aggressive cost cutting…Read More

Social Governance – Distraction or Unavoidable Requirement? An Analysis by RadiusPoint

Social Governance (ESG) will be the new benchmark going forward to ensure that both your organization and brand stay relevant and socially acceptable.Read More

RadiusPoint CEO Sharon Watkins Speaks to UNCAGED

Sharon Watkins interviewed on the Uncaged podcast.Read More