$100K+ in Cost Savings with TEM & Support Desk Services

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This case study shows how a manufacturer succeeded in generating cost savings of $100K+ per year by outsourcing their telecom expense management and telecom technical support needs to RadiusPoint. Our client now manages all telecom invoices and landline ordering/billing entirely through the ExpenseLogic SaaS platform and our team of experts. 


An international glass manufacturer with over 120 locations managed 2,200+ land lines. Approximately 80% of them were provided and serviced by a single local telecom vendor, the remainder by various other telecom operators.

The service issues began when the largest vendor took over all of the other lines into a consolidated “Managed Care” account. Even though there was a pay-per-line agreement in place and the telecom vendor managed the majority of the lines on a single billing platform, there were issues with getting orders placed in a timely manner, as well as with ordering and technical troubleshooting.

These issues were compounded even further when the vendor had to place orders with smaller local service providers.

Additionally, many of the locations were frustrated with being charged for services they were not using. The Managed Care service billed per line each month by the telecom vendor was unnecessary for a large number of the former. This was a clear opportunity for cost savings.


Managing 2200+ landlines had proven too burdensome for the Accounts Payable department of our client. They decided to outsource the Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnects (MACD) for all locations to RadiusPoint.

The TEM division of RadiusPoint analyzed the situation and determined that the manufacturer would be better off with a pay-per-use agreement (vs. pay-per-line). This was a major contract change that RadiusPoint would negotiate with the vendor.

At a technical level, RadiusPoint had to introduce another major operational change to provide the client’s locations with the ordering and support services they were not receiving. We implemented the automated ticketing system of our proprietary SaaS platform, ExpenseLogic. All locations needing assistance could now signal their needs to RadiusPoint through the software platform. The automated ticketing response gives each location the assurance that orders and troubleshooting tickets have been reported correctly and are being handled and updated.

Lastly, by flowing all billing auditing and processing tasks through the ExpenseLogic Invoice Processing module, RadiusPoint’s client could now be assured of vendor billing accuracy and timely payment.


The aggregate cost savings realized by the locations proved to be astounding. Using RadiusPoint’s TEM and Support Desk services, our client generated $100K+ in annual cost savings.

From a management standpoint, the SaaS solution implemented by RadiusPoint is extremely efficient for landline management and tech support purposes. ExpenseLogic spares locations the aggravation of unresponsive tech support and unclear billing. All data pertaining to telecom billing is readily available in ExpenseLogic. All telecom invoices are analyzed for accuracy, overages are disputed as necessary by RadiusPoint, and invoice correction and payment are done in a timely manner, avoiding late fees.

RadiusPoint performed this mission on a project or hourly basis, allow the manufacturer to retain as much of their cost savings as possible.

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