$100K+ in Cost Savings with TEM & Support Desk Services

This case study shows how a manufacturer succeeded in generating cost savings of $100K+ per year by outsourcing their telecom expense management and telecom technical support needs to RadiusPoint. Our client now manages all telecom invoices and landline ordering/billing entirely through the ExpenseLogic SaaS platform and our team of experts.  Challenge An international glass manufacturer with over 120 locations [...]

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Vendor Managed Services: Why Tread Carefully

Each year, new vendors enter the telecom managed services market, offering what is called 'Vendor Managed Services' contracts. For an organization seeking to refocus on their core business lines and outsource non-core operations, vendor managed services contracts can seem enticing for several reasons: They free up IT personnel from non-core activities and enables management to reallocate staff to value-generating [...]

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Avoid Service Outages During Acquisition

According to Deloitte, "Corporations and private equity firms pin the most blame on external factors, but recognize the need for more effective due diligence and integration to make sure revenue projections materialize." Divesting a group of locations or a company under your parent company may seem like an easy task.   However, if your locations have consolidated invoices, the easy [...]

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AP/Ordering Process Automation Nets 448% ROI

Healthcare organizations are contending with increasing costs, decreasing revenues, the effects of new regulations such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the continuing widespread adoption of mobile technologies.In response,all of these trends have resulted in increased pressure on healthcare organizations to reduce costs, create new revenue streams, and improve efficiency. In order to achieve these [...]

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