Inventory Management Uncovers Hidden Assets and Services

A county government had no inventory of their telecom services, POT lines, circuits and devices. The county staff was overwhelmed just to get the service invoices processed and paid on time. Cost allocation and IDB reporting were taking place weeks after payment. County officials could not make informed, timely financial decisions.

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Cost Reduction Plan Saves 2,000+ Man-Hours

Cost Reduction Plan Saves 2000+ Man-Hours During Divestiture Any cost reduction plan implemented in the context of an acquisition or a divestiture must take into account the transition of technology and utility invoices and services from one organization to the other. If not carried out efficiently, these operations can become a huge time draw for the Accounts Payable departments [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions: A More Seamless Integration Process

Mergers & acquisitions tend to generate their own margin-depressing cascading effects at Procurement and Accounts Payable levels. Our seamless TEM/UEM process helps reduce these negative effects. We aim at preserving the intended cost savings and cost avoidance benefits of mergers, and harness future TEM/UEM cost creep. This short case study gives another example of the effect of our TEM/UEM services.

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Bill Audit + e-Procurement: Cost Savings of 37% on Water Delivery

Hard-Dollar Savings with Bill Audit + E-ProcurementThis case study shows how a bill audit carried out by RadiusPoint, associated with the use of an e-Procurement portal, helped our client generate significant soft- and hard-dollar cost savings. ChallengeA healthcare organization with 200+ locations in the United States and Canada used the usual big operators to supply their offices with bottled water. Each [...]

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Invoice Audits – Which is More Beneficial: One-off or Monthly?

A Case Study on Invoice Audit Frequency When evaluating invoice audit frequency requirements in the process of managing utility and telecom expenses, how beneficial is it to audit invoices monthly vs. doing one-off audits? Through years of hands-on experience and daily interactions with our clients, RadiusPoint has concluded that an ongoing monthly billing audit is, in most cases, more [...]

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Cost Avoidance & Savings: $40K in UEM Cost Optimization

$40K in Cost Avoidance and Cost Savings This case study is about cost avoidance and cost savings in utility expense management. We show how RadiusPoint managed to generate savings of $40K in utility expense by implementing the UEM process.  Managing the full lifecycle of a utility invoice and associated services across multiple vendors is a complex process involving 5 [...]

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Shipping Cost Optimization Saves $1.1M Annually

Shipping cost optimization has become a major priority for the logistics, transportation, retail & wholesale distribution, and import/export industries since the first quarter of 2021 when gas and diesel prices started to climb out of the range they had been trading in for years. With the reduction in oil & gas production and availability the contagion effect has been [...]

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Inventory Management Helps Recovering $174K in Credits

Proper Inventory Management Helps Recovering $174K in Credits Inventory management is one of the 8 cornerstone functions of our SaaS platform, ExpenseLogic. We won't teach any CIO or CFO anything when stating that in any organization with remote locations, critical decision-making with respect to telecom equipment, lines and services requires that services, circuits, lines and equipment be inventoried at [...]

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Missing Due Diligence Inventory Adds $15K to Acquisition Cost

When making an acquisition, it pays off for the acquiring company to add a due diligence inventory of locations, services, and contracts. This is one of the BPO specialties of RadiusPoint, and after 30+ years of providing this type of services to multiple industries, we have seen the undeniable value of this step in the process. This short case [...]

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Facilities Benchmarking and Energy Star Programs

Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, facilities benchmarking is a vital tool in the current context of energy costs, waste, and conservation. RadiusPoint facilitates your facility benchmarking efforts by comparing the ongoing energy performance of your facilities to that of similar facilities internally and within our Energy Star’s database. Problem Facilities management can use many different [...]

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