Divestiture: Inventorying Telecom Assets Avoids Hidden Charges

As part of its core competences in M&A Support Services, RadiusPoint accompanies client organizations in their divestiture projects. Though most of the heavy lifting falls back on the shoulders of the acquiring company, both parties to a transaction must do their part to help the process unfold as smoothly as possible. Two years after completing a divestiture, one of [...]

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A Due Diligence Process is Essential – M&A Support Services

Already bought and sold twice, a retailer that was on the market again for sale. The third buyer performed a limited due diligence process and initially, the purchase appeared to fit their portfolio requirements. The buyer failed to spot the risks of underinvestment and the lack of training of the personnel.  The retail locations were swanky and looked well-designed from the outside. Behind the scenes however, there were critical issues that should not have been overlooked.

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Driving the Acquisition Transition Phase: Role of M&A Support Services

"Driving the acquisition transition phase" is key to achieving the financial objectives of an M&A. This case study takes place in the airline industry. It highlights how the acquisition transition phase can be financially disruptive when M&A support services are not properly lined up. Challenge An airline company had completed a well-performed due diligence phase before the purchase of [...]

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M&A Support Services: A New Way to Think About Their Role

M&A support services are among the BPO services increasingly used by organizations pursuing growth-by-acquisition and divestiture strategies. Business Process Outsourcing enables C-level teams to focus on their core KPIs and achieve business objectives faster. RadiusPoint offers integrated M&A support services to help clients hit the ROI and cost savings targets mapped out for their acquisitions and divestitures. In this [...]

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M&A Support Services | Transportation Industry Case Study

M&A Support Services: A transportation company needed support services (market research, cost benchmarking, business valuation) to achieve a clearer view of the viability of a highly diversified business model. They had five different service offers and were concerned that further diversification would adversely affect their P&L.

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Mergers & Acquisitions: A More Seamless Integration Process

Mergers & acquisitions tend to generate their own margin-depressing cascading effects at Procurement and Accounts Payable levels. Our seamless TEM/UEM process helps reduce these negative effects. We aim at preserving the intended cost savings and cost avoidance benefits of mergers, and harness future TEM/UEM cost creep. This short case study gives another example of the effect of our TEM/UEM services.

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Missing Due Diligence Inventory Adds $15K to Acquisition Cost

When making an acquisition, it pays off for the acquiring company to add a due diligence inventory of locations, services, and contracts. This is one of the BPO specialties of RadiusPoint, and after 30+ years of providing this type of services to multiple industries, we have seen the undeniable value of this step in the process. This short case [...]

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$1.3M Savings Generated Across 5 Acquisitions

In this short TEM case study, we cover how the TEM audit specialists of RadiusPoint helped a client meet and exceed their cost savings projections through telecom vendor invoice line-item audit in a situation where no inventory of the telecom services had been carried out.

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