What to expect once you go live and RadiusPoint is managing your invoices and services.

During the setup process RadiusPoint will create a workflow that is specific to your company’s financial reporting needs.
Our solution utilizes ExpenseLogic™ which is our proprietary software and a team of passionate problem solvers to process and manage the full lifecycle of telecom, wireless, and utility invoices.
This sample workflow shows a high-level view of how we would meet your company’s specific invoice processing needs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Invoice Receipt

During set up, we contact each vendor to set up the receipt of invoices, which includes loading both paper and electronic invoices into the system.

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Invoice Approval

Once electronic or paper invoices are scanned and attached to our software, we present an invoice to the client for approval based on the client’s approval process.

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Invoice Payment

A 2-day turnaround time is provided to process the invoice with then another three to four days to make the payment. At this time, the client provides funds to a joint bank account for us to ensure on-time payments.

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Invoice Imaging

Invoices are scanned with the actual invoice image attached to the software for easy desktop retrieval.

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Invoice Audit

Invoices are line items audited against limits set in software during setup.

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Error Reconciliation

If error(s) is found, our team is notified, and we submit it to the vendor immediately for reconciliation.

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Report Generation

Robust reporting capabilities include an ad hoc query for customized reports as well as exception reports which are created and researched to contain errors found sent to clients on a daily or weekly basis.

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Contract Management

Contracts are tightly managed and attached in software, tying the service or devices and equipment to the contract with an expiration email notification.

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Ongoing Service Optimization

Utilizing ExpenseLogic, we provide a single source management platform for ongoing cost and service optimization with inventory control of Telecom, Wireless and utility invoices, equipment and expenses.

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Ordering Portal for Service & Equipment

End users can order or request new services and equipment through our intelligent que portal based on their company’s allowed inventory, similar to Amazon’s shopping experience.

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Energy Evaluation / Onsite

Our team of experts provides onsite transparency into your energy consumption to create a blueprint for what measures to take next. We will control to reduce.

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RFP Process for all services

Preparing for an RFP is a time-consuming task. Necessary data is gathered to prepare your RFP and assist in the implementation phase as needed throughout the life of the RFP.

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Onsite Service & Equipment Work

Our provisioning services involve equipping new services by managing, activating and delivering accounts for locations across IT equipment, telecom orders, order placement and onsite wiring.

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Inventory / Asset Management

With our complete asset and inventory repository, we track your IT equipment, wireless devices, leases, utility meters and more.