Vacant unit theft will be your last concern.

As a property management team, we know that you are concerned with the sometimes tedious task of collecting and paying the utility invoices for multiple locations. Added to that is the Vacancy Cost Recovery which must make sure the customer is billed on the exact day the property is leased.

VCR helps owners recover costs associated with tenants who fail to transition utility services to their name on or before moving it. Many times, property owners end up having to pay for the resident’s utility expenses until the account is corrected.

With RadiusPoint’s VCR services, owners will not have to worry as we are able to recover costs on tenants who do not close their utility accounts before moving out. We will also ensure that we can help offset energy costs. We will keep records and collect data from all utility bills, using our ExpenseLogic software. Not only will we help with false charges, but you will also save on late fees.

By choosing our services, we will be able to recover charges that have been mistakenly allocated toward your property’s bills as we offer services, from billing to collections, customer service, and more.

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Invoice Receipt & Auditing

RadiusPoint’s invoice audits, error identification and reconciliation produce a savings of over 25% with no vendor changes required.

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On-Time Payments

We make direct payments to vendors on your organization’s behalf, ensuring spend is correct before payment leaves office.

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Resolution Disputes

Using our intelligent software, ExpenseLogic, we take the guesswork out of auditing and reconciling invoices on a monthly basis by holding vendors accountable when credits are owed due to errors.


Seamless Integration

Enterprise’s 8 different departments integrate well with our cloud-based software, ExpenseLogic for easy tracking and reporting capabilities.

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Reporting & Benchmarking

ExpenseLogic will meet your reporting needs as our streamlined services were built into our cloud-based SaaS, reporting Bid Data analytics with benchmarking and optimization in the deregulated states.

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Energy Supply Management

Our goal is to automate processes so managers not only have access to real-time visibility and operational intelligence but save money through energy optimization and management.

Who is responsible?

Only about half of multi and single family housing perform VCR, meaning a large about of companies are spending money on utilities that they should not be responsible for.

A utility expense management (UEM) provider, like RadiusPoint can help ensure you are not over spending or paying for utilities that you are not liable for. Many times, the profits generated from conducting vacant cost recovery will offset the costs associated with hiring a UEM partner. As more property management firms begin to use utility expense management, there will be fewer utility invoice errors and late fees to worry about.



Are Utility companies charging you for a unit that is no longer occupied?

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