28% Reduction in Trash Spend Trimming expenses on waste management serves as the initial step in an organization’s sustainability journey. A prominent elevator company operating worldwide successfully slashed its monthly waste expenditure by 28%. Additionally, by securing a corporate contract, they paved the way for greater savings across their new locations, fortifying their commitment to […]Read More

Reducing Telecom Expenses by 26% in Healthcare RadiusPoint collaborated with an Assisted Living and Nursing Home organization to enhance their oversight of telecom, IT, and wireless expenses. Serving as their telecom expense management (TEM) partner, RadiusPoint offered comprehensive insight into their invoices and spending and the range of services and equipment deployed across each site. […]Read More

Tales of Fraud in the IT Department  Fraud is a significant concern for organizations, with reported cases and financial losses steadily increasing according to the Federal Trade Commission. In 2021, consumers reported losses exceeding $5.8 billion, a staggering 70% increase from the previous year. 2022 numbers are still being calculated, but the trend of rising […]Read More

UEM Collaboration Saves National Home Builder Over $1 Million RadiusPoint recently collaborated with a national home builder to simplify the process of utility ordering and ensuring installations for more than 5,000 new home projects yearly. During this collaboration, RadiusPoint uncovered monthly billing exceeding $25,000 for homes sold two years earlier and identified over $100,000 in […]Read More

The Perfect Storm for Business Operation Disruptions Accounts Payable reps in multi-location corporations, such as retail chains and QSRs, encounter numerous disruptive challenges. Despite their diligent efforts, they are often held responsible for these issues. As a CFO, Comptroller, or Accounting Director in a large multi-location business, mitigating disruptive events, especially during challenging economic periods, […]Read More

Deep Dive Eliminates Telephone Overcharges – Creating Savings and Peace of Mind Most organizations with multiple locations will have many telephone vendors that they must deal with daily. Each Telecom vendor will have different service offerings that will create confusion and ambiguous monthly invoices. How do you keep your organization from overpaying for your services […]Read More

In this new case study, CEO Sharon Watkins discusses the telecom refunds and cost saving opportunities discovered by RadiusPoint during an Inventory & Audit of the telecom invoices of a global paper manufacturer. This case study highlights the need for organizations to streamline their telecom invoice processing to avoid overcharges and paying for services that […]Read More

In this video case study, Sharon shares how RadiusPoint helped a global glass manufacturer with large retail operations in the U.S. to overcome a lack of procurement framework, and curb their telecom expenses by $100K+ in Year 1 to get a ROI of 200% on TEM services.Read More

RadiusPoint helps organizations manage spends quickly and conveniently. In the case details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved a retail client from overspending valuable telecom dollars. Case Background: Nationwide restaurant chain with 240 restaurant locations and…Read More

A food service company with a wide array of locations, distribution facilities, food plants, farms and ranches had hundreds of wireless devices to manage. Unfortunately, our client had no wireless procurement policy framework, and no structure for adding new users to their plans or for procuring new devices. Hence their decision to hire RadiusPoint to rationalize their inventory of devices and lines. This was an MMS mission, a specialty in which we have a long-running experience.Read More

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