Facilities Benchmarking and Energy Star Programs

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Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, facilities benchmarking is a vital tool in the current context of energy costs, waste, and conservation. RadiusPoint facilitates your facility benchmarking efforts by comparing the ongoing energy performance of your facilities to that of similar facilities internally and within our Energy Star’s database.


Facilities management can use many different metrics to measure, compare and benchmark. But not having the most accurate data available will cause benchmarking reporting inaccuracies. You can benchmark facilities, but if you don’t have the support services to make things happen with the data collected, it’s not going to do anyone (or any building) any good. Part of the usability problem with the facilities benchmarking process outcome goes back to unrealistic expectations and inaccurate internal benchmarking processes.


Since its inception, RadiusPoint has been fundamentally committed both to saving costs on utility billing, and to protecting the environment. In the context of our intervention in the facilities benchmarking process, we need to make sure everyone is onboard with Facilities Managers, from C-level stakeholders to facility custodians.

Keeping track of statistical measurements is essential. RadiusPoint’s Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool which enables Facilities Managers and our own team to track energy use, water use, waste and materials disposal, as well as greenhouse emissions across an entire portfolio of buildings, in a secure online environment.

Continuous facilities benchmarking will not only capture your own facilities’ performance at any point in time, but will also keep track of the performance of the buildings against which you benchmarked yours. RadiusPoint uses its SaaS platform, ExpenseLogic, to input data and benchmark your portfolio of facilities using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform.


The outcome of RadiusPoint’s intervention as a facilities benchmarking process facilitator is to:

  • Identify the specific areas in which any of your buildings is over- or under-performing
  • Quantify evidence justifying your facilities benchmarking budget, and our own support mission
  • Investigate when outsourcing is a better option

For Facility Managers looking for an alternative way to prioritize energy efficiency projects and monitor building performance, our intervention in the facilities benchmarking process produces directly measurable results. Those client organizations that benchmark their portfolio of facilities consistently in our Energy Star Portfolio Manager have recorded energy savings of 2.4% per year on average, and seen their Energy Star score increase 2 points per year on average.

Contact us to discuss your facilities benchmarking project and see how RadiusPoint can help your organization achieve its energy saving targets on time.