Facilities Benchmarking and Energy Star Programs

Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, facilities benchmarking is a vital tool in the current context of energy costs, waste, and conservation. RadiusPoint facilitates your facility benchmarking efforts by comparing the ongoing energy performance of your facilities to that of similar facilities internally and within our Energy Star’s database. Problem Facilities management can use many different [...]

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Avoid Service Outages During Acquisition

According to Deloitte, "Corporations and private equity firms pin the most blame on external factors, but recognize the need for more effective due diligence and integration to make sure revenue projections materialize." Divesting a group of locations or a company under your parent company may seem like an easy task.   However, if your locations have consolidated invoices, the easy [...]

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Finding Hidden Money in your Trash

Are you ready to kick trash overcharges to the curb? Are you paying attention to your company’s trash costs? Learn how an Eye Glass Retailer/ Manufacturer trusted RadiusPoint to manage their trash services, resulting in over 11% savings and reduced gas usage.Problem:A national Eye Glass and Contact Manufacturer and Retailer with 170 retail locations and 3 labs partnered with RadiusPoint [...]

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Accounts Payable Automation for 10,000 Locations

Loss prevention is used to describe a number of methods used to reduce the amount of all losses and shrinkage. Each of those methods is a part of the total “Loss Prevention Cost” a retailer has to pay in order to maintain their program. Learn how RadiusPoint managed a retailer’s loss prevention and decreased their false alarm costs by 95%. [...]

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Energy Optimization Saves 13%

Clients trust RadiusPoint to manage their utility service invoices in order to identify savings they are unaware of or don’t have the time to manage in-house. In the case  details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved a retail/manufacturer client up to 13% on their services. Problem: A national eye glass and contact manufacturer and retailer has 170 retail locations and [...]

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AP Process Automation for 240 Location Manufacturer

Telecom vendors are entering the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) market at a record pace. Most often, these are referred to as Vendor Managed Services contracts. These offers can be very enticing, but clients would be wise to court carefully. Contract promises are frequently unfulfilled and the huge savings supposedly generated by these contracts are outweighed by costly errors and [...]

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