Loss Prevention Program Cuts Costs at 10,000 Retail Locations

This case study shows how RadiusPoint managed a retailer’s loss prevention program and decreased their false alarm costs by 95%. The term "loss prevention" describes a number of methods used to reduce the amount of all losses and shrinkage. Each of those methods is a part of the total “Loss Prevention Cost” a retailer has to pay in order [...]

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SaaS Spend & Cloud Spend Management Results in Cost Savings

Cloud Spend Management dovetailed with SaaS Spend Management Software G2 defines Cloud Spend Management Software as: "Software [that] helps companies reduce waste by alerting users of lowered demand or automatically scaling usage to optimal rates. Also used to increase the efficiency of their cloud service usage... These tools also help companies identify overlap so no company has unnecessary subscriptions for multiple [...]

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Introducing License Manager to ExpenseLogic 8.0 Users

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL September 11, 2019—RadiusPoint, the leading service provider for telecom and utility expense management, has announced they will be adding the License Manager to be managed within ExpenseLogic 8.0 software. This new and exciting addition will allow users to manage the license for your Mobile devices, Cloud services, and Software licenses. Early this month, new [...]

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