Introducing License Manager to ExpenseLogic 8.0 Users

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Orlando, FL September 18, 2019—

RadiusPoint©, one of the leading telecom, wireless, and utility expense management provider and Broussard Logistics, the premier logistics management supplier is pleased to announce their integrated partnership, that adds significant value to both businesses under RadiusPoint’s Prestigious Partner Program.

Broussard Logistics has assisted many companies to move equipment and products and better manage their freight. Today, this company has revolutionized its services into a proactive outsourcing tool and sophisticated technology instrument. Broussard offers a portfolio of vital logistics management services that not only drives productivity. But they are one of the leaders in the industry all while helping companies to manage, control and lower freight cost by improving their supply chain.

RadiusPoint© is a recognized leader in global telecom, wireless and utility expense management services, providing a technology-based software and process-driven solution for augmenting costs and managing efficiencies. Their goal is to automate processes so managers not only have access to real-time visibility and operational intelligence but save money through auditing optimization, so IT leaders can focus on their core business strategy.

“We are very excited to be teaming up to expand our service offerings with Broussard amazing logistics services. This company is known for its leadership in the shipping and logistics arena. This alliance will enhance our clients experience with their efficient and cost-saving software portal.” says Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint.

The direct connection between Broussard’s transportation management software known as Newblims and RadiusPoint’s software, ExpenseLogic will optimize the supply chain workflow by supporting a corporation’s shipping and transportation objectives. Through seamless integration into each other’s platform, both companies can track all logistics needs serviced under one roof while providing end to end visibility and control. The combined strength of both organizations allows for a stronger foundation accurate and immediate access to critical information, for better management of costs and increased profitability and much more.

About Broussard Logistics

Broussard Logistics is the leader in the logistics management industry. The organization has revolutionized its services into a proactive outsourcing tool with sophisticated technology instruments to continue its original mission: Assist companies to manage, control and lower freight cost by improving their supply chain. Learn how Broussard Logistics knowledge and buying leverage can help move your business forward.

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Zoe Reyes

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About RadiusPoint

Founded in 1992, RadiusPoint is a leading provider of Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Utility Expense Management (UEM)Wireless Expense Management (WEM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) services. With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, RadiusPoint provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business performance worldwide.

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