RadiusPoint Expands ExpenseLogic 8.0 Capabilities

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Orlando, FL May 17th, 2019- RadiusPoint, the leading service provider for telecom and utility expense management, has announced they will be expanding the Site Manager section to allow for Site and Equipment inventory to be managed within ExpenseLogic 8.0 software.  Last month, new additions were announced for Q2 updates and this is an extension of those updates to continuously improve upon the 8.0 version based on tighter security controls and the needs of their client’s.
Several of these new software capabilities are described below:

  • Site Inventory & Asset Management- RadiusPoint will be adding the capability to include a Telecom, IT Equipment or Utility inventory to each Cost Center or Location.  They will gather the site information to upload into the Inventory and Asset Management System.   There will be various views of the information and the capability to create reports and there will even be an area to include pictures of the equipment and site.
  • License Management- This will allow the end user to view Wireless, Cloud billing or software licenses that are in use and those licenses that are unassigned.  There is already the capability to manage the Wireless License by IMEI number but this will be expanded to include additional fields.
  • Security Changes- We will be adding a few new security measures to ensure complete security of your data.  The new measures will include a second authentication for sign on and a 90-day automated password change.

“These new updates and additions will provide not only security controls but additional management features, allowing ExpenseLogic end users the ability to drill down in a location’s invoices and Service ID’s quickly and efficiently. Listening to our clients and experts in data security ensures our cloud-based SaaS remains the most secure, cutting edge and user-friendly platform,” says Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint.
About RadiusPoint©
Founded in 1992, RadiusPoint© is a leading provider of  Telecom Expense Management (TEM)Utility Expense Management (UEM)Wireless Expense Management (WEM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) services. With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, RadiusPoint© provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business performance worldwide.
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