Will Increased Visibility Lower Wireless Expenses?

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As wireless services continue to evolve and vendors change their service offerings, increasing visibility into the services, invoices and devices are paramount to managing a healthy bottom line. Businesses have not only added cell phones, but they have also added tablets, Mifi’s and other wireless devices to increase the productivity of their employees. Managing these devices and their services with a Telecom Lifecycle Management partner simplifies daily changes, increases your visibility and boosts your bottom line savings, decreasing your overall wireless expenses.
Determining your organization’s Wireless Expense Management (WEM) needs before selecting a vendor is key to ensuring that your partnership will be a success. Before embarking on the journey in finding a WEM partner, here are a few key questions you should ask:
1. Do you need full lifecycle management or just a few key roles to be fulfilled by your WEM partner?
2. Do you have a Wireless Policy in place? This will be the first question asked by your WEM partner and a good partner will help you develop your policy if you currently don’t have one.
3. What reporting will be required to increase your visibility? A great WEM Partner will be able to provide the wireless reporting to you and your end users as required.
4. What are your savings requirements? Of course, you want to save as much money as possible but sharing your savings goals with your WEM Partner allows expectations to be set at the beginning of the partnership.
Mobile services are the fastest growing component in a company’s telecom budget. Working with RadiusPoint to manage your wireless devices allows your business to put an effective and realistic plan into place; both enforcing corporate wireless policy and monitoring usage; which is critical to controlling costs.

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