How Secure Is Your Data?

Security text with mouse indicator

Today is World Password Day, a day to promote and raise awareness for better password habits. Passwords are critical gatekeepers to our digital identities, allowing us to access online shopping, banking, social media, private work, and life communications. Without robust security protocols firmly in place, you are at risk for several cyber-attacks.
Security and data have never been as vulnerable as they are today. An untraceable attack can come from anywhere around the world. Passwords alone are not enough to fully defend your personal life or business from these hacks.
The best thing to do is to install good security software or settings in your network while maintaining up to date security policies throughout your organization.  Make sure your staff can recognize fraudulent messages by not clicking on embedded hyperlinks or unknown attachments as well as report all phishing attempts to ensure safety measures remain in place.
As a telecom and utility expense management provider, we understand the importance and magnitude of sustaining tight security practices as we host some of our client’s sensitive data in our cloud-based software platform, ExpenseLogic™.  Due to this, we have implemented several effective and vigorous protocols, so clients can rest assured their data is secure with the following on-premise controls and safeguards:

  • Limited facility access and control
  • Access limited to authorized personnel
  • Workstation and electronic media access policies
  • Access control for electronic protected health/financial data
  • Audit Reports/Tracking logs for Hardware and Software access
  • Integrity controls to protect data
  • IT Disaster recovery and Offsite Backup procedure
  • Data is encrypted through HTTPS and SSL/TLS Layers of security
  • Data is stored and managed using Microsoft SQL Server using IP Based Security Policies

RadiusPoint © has over 27 years of experience in the Expense Management industry and we are constantly evolving using the latest technology and security interfaces. Our knowledgeable and trained staff handles the provisioning and procurement of PIV-D data card/keychain connectors for all enterprise mobility equipment while keeping track of the inventory of all devices. All data is also transmitted securely using 256-bit key encryption.
As we continue to maintain and implement security policies to protect user sensitive data, we provide clear and transparent audit and tracking of all activity. With a formal security policy that is periodically reviewed, updated and approved, our staff continues to train annually for optimal security awareness so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is fully protected.

To learn more about RadiusPoint’s security policies, visit our website or contact us today!