Staffing Shortages?

staffing shortages

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

So is it time for a change?

According to IAOP, there are 2.3 jobs for every 1 person applying and many current employees are looking for another job.

  • So is it time to rethink how those monthly telecom and utility invoices are being processed?
  • Will you and your current team be able to get all of the telecom and utility invoices in via email or snail mail, get them entered into the accounting software, approved and paid on time?
  • Will your team have the necessary time to research and retrieve those invoices that the post office didn’t deliver on time?

Adapting to a new way of managing the telecom, wireless, IT and utility invoices doesn’t have to be painful. Aligning your team with the correct expense management partner will ensure that the invoices are:

  • Received on time
  • Approved within corporate guidelines
  • Audited for errors
  • Paid on time
  • Invoice Imaged for future viewing

Does your current personnel have the time to do all of the normal processing tasks within the current allotted time? Your organization most likely has a specific timeline for getting the telecom, wireless, IT and utility invoices processed and paid. With the these specific invoices being a little more complicated and involving the Telecom, IT and Facilities departments, the approval process alone could be 2 weeks or more. Ensuring that the invoice is paid on time can be a daunting task, and one that can be exacerbated with late fees and threat of service disconnects.

With our Telecom Expense Management and Utility Expense Management services, RadiusPoint can assist your organization by ensuring that your current processing timeline is achieved and exceeded, thereby eliminating late fees and disconnection of services. Using Best-in-Class services with our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, your invoices will be processed and paid on time, with many more benefits for your Accounting, Finance, Telecom, IT and Facilities departments.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Email notification of invoices ready for approval
  • Automated audit to speed approval time
  • Audit to identify errors
  • Dispute tracking to eliminate interfacing with vendors
  • Automated payment process to eliminate interfacing with vendors
  • Imaging of invoice for easy retrieval
  • Business Intelligence (BI) to eliminate invoice research
  • Reduction or elimination of late fee issues
  • Elimination of threat of disconnection of services

Contact RadiusPoint today if you are ready to adapt to changes that will help your organization survive the staffing shortages.

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RadiusPoint understands that Telecom, Wireless and Utility invoices are unique, and need special attention.