Waste Services Case Study: 28% Reduction in Trash Spend

28% Reduction in Trash Spend

Trimming expenses on waste management serves as the initial step in an organization’s sustainability journey. A prominent elevator company operating worldwide successfully slashed its monthly waste expenditure by 28%. Additionally, by securing a corporate contract, they paved the way for greater savings across their new locations, fortifying their commitment to sustainability.


Our client grappled with numerous challenges in its billing and services. Upon conducting an initial review, it became evident that over 40 locations had individually inked contracts with local waste haulers. Consequently, these contracts staggered in expiration, often incurring hefty early termination fees. This complexity rendered negotiating a unified corporate contract unfeasible within the initial twelve months of gaining contract and service visibility.


To tackle these issues, the organization teamed up with RadiusPoint. Collaborating on bill processing and payment services for their monthly waste invoices, RadiusPoint unearthed a route toward cost reduction during the standard optimization process.

RadiusPoint’s optimization process delved into scrutinizing services provided by the existing vendor, aiming to uncover contractual obligations and service specifics. Numerous locations had ordered services sporadically without considering contract terms, bin sizes, or pickup frequency. RadiusPoint conducted a comprehensive analysis across the organization, tailoring services to match the office types and specific service requirements to ensure an appropriate fit.

During our inventory and audit of the waste services, RadiusPoint:

  • Obtained a copy of the vendor’s current contract.
  • Validated the contract rates against the current invoice.
  • Compared services across all sites for any anomalies.
  • Identified overage charges or other charges beyond the normal pick-up charges.
  • Identified better rates for those locations not under contract.
  • Identified better rates and possible early termination penalties, if applicable, for those locations under contract
  • Recommend service changes to eliminate overage charges.
  • Provided consolidated report for Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Provided analysis once RFP is returned to show savings.
  • Assisted with contract negotiations for each contract or global contract.
  • Managed the transition project.
  • Assisted with issues that arose at the location during the term of the agreement.


Partnering with RadiusPoint empowered the client to leverage our exclusive software, ExpenseLogic. This tool facilitated the seamless processing and payment of monthly invoices while concurrently conducting an audit to guarantee precise billing per contracted rates. This meticulous approach culminated in an impressive 28% decrease in monthly waste expenses. Embracing transparency in management paves the way for astute business choices, fostering cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and the achievement of sustainability objectives. Entrust RadiusPoint to guide you toward attaining your business savings targets, specifically with your waste services.