How Managed Mobility Services Cut Costs 22% ($400K in Year 1)

A food service company with a wide array of locations, distribution facilities, food plants, farms and ranches had hundreds of wireless devices to manage. Unfortunately, our client had no wireless procurement policy framework, and no structure for adding new users to their plans or for procuring new devices. Hence their decision to hire RadiusPoint to rationalize their inventory of devices and lines. This was an MMS mission, a specialty in which we have a long-running experience.

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Managed Mobility Services: Top 3 Differentiators Between Providers

A multitude of managed mobility services (MMS) providers have appeared on the scene in the past several years to help enterprises manage the overflow of mobile devices accessing their private networks and sensitive company data. Using one's mobile device at work for professional purposes has become a universal practice. This trend has only been reinforced with the pandemic-related lockdowns and remote [...]

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BPO: TEM/UEM/MMS Services with a SaaS Platform

Organizations face a slew of factors affecting their employee’s ability to manage successfully the services and expenses necessary to their day-to-day operations.  Many turn to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to alleviate some of the manual, redundant tasks handled by their staff.  Business process outsourcing allows an organization to turn over one or more business processes to an external service [...]

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New to IoT Business Automation? Here’s What You Need to Know

While many businesses are just beginning to integrate IoT business automation into their enterprise, there are many organizations that still don’t understand the essential success of doing so. Not only does business automation software reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies. Given the impact of the overall budget, many companies have can create another avenue of growth with this type [...]

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