587% ROI on TEM/UEM Services in FY2018

RadiusPoint generated a 587% ROI on TEM/UEM services on average for our clients in FY 2018. ROI is measured and verified against the weekly and quarterly reports created from the monthly billing audits performed on ExpenseLogic™. ExpenseLogic, our business intelligence SaaS platform, audits vendor invoices on a monthly basis. The software provides our clients' management team a line-item audit [...]

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Contingency Fee Pricing Model: Beware

If you heard the term "contingency fee pricing model", did you ever wonder which party is really benefiting from this model? Typically when you pay for a service, you expect the service to be carried out well and hopefully beyond your expectations. Yet, in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM) arena, the contingency fee pricing [...]

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RadiusPoint in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL June 21st, 2019 [Updated: Nov 2021]- RadiusPoint©, the leading single-source platform, and a major provider of Technology Expense Management services announces its inclusion as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s June 2019 [Update: 2021] Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services. RadiusPoint© provides 30+ years of experience and understanding of the IT, Telecom and Communication [...]

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Cost Reduction Plan Saves 2,000+ Man-Hours

Cost Reduction Plan Saves 2000+ Man-Hours During Divestiture Any cost reduction plan implemented in the context of an acquisition or a divestiture must take into account the transition of technology and utility invoices and services from one organization to the other. If not carried out efficiently, these operations can become a huge time draw for the Accounts Payable departments [...]

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Mergers & Acquisitions: A More Seamless Integration Process

Mergers & acquisitions tend to generate their own margin-depressing cascading effects at Procurement and Accounts Payable levels. Our seamless TEM/UEM process helps reduce these negative effects. We aim at preserving the intended cost savings and cost avoidance benefits of mergers, and harness future TEM/UEM cost creep. This short case study gives another example of the effect of our TEM/UEM services.

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Technology Expense Management on a Single Platform: Results

Consolidating Technology Expense Management on a Single Software Platform: Rationale and Results Technology Expense Management service providers like RadiusPoint agree on the benefits of bringing all TEM-UEM invoices into a single software platform. In our 30+ years of experience auditing, analyzing, and managing clients' technology expense, we have observed that a major benefit of such move is the level [...]

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Invoice Audits – Which is More Beneficial: One-off or Monthly?

A Case Study on Invoice Audit Frequency When evaluating invoice audit frequency requirements in the process of managing utility and telecom expenses, how beneficial is it to audit invoices monthly vs. doing one-off audits? Through years of hands-on experience and daily interactions with our clients, RadiusPoint has concluded that an ongoing monthly billing audit is, in most cases, more [...]

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TEM-UEM Services: 370% ROI for our Clients in 2020

RadiusPoint Announces TEM-UEM Services Generated a 370% ROI on Average for Clients in 2020 RadiusPoint, a BPO service provider and a leader in the TEM-UEM services industry, announced their clients achieved a remarkable ROI of 370% on average on their services in 2020. This ROI measures the impact of RadiusPoint’s monthly audit of invoices and optimization of services managed, [...]

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