TEM-UEM Services: 370% ROI for our Clients in 2020

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RadiusPoint Announces TEM-UEM Services Generated a 370% ROI on Average for Clients in 2020

RadiusPoint, a BPO service provider and a leader in the TEM-UEM services industry, announced their clients achieved a remarkable ROI of 370% on average on their services in 2020. This ROI measures the impact of RadiusPoint’s monthly audit of invoices and optimization of services managed, and the cost savings stemming from automation eliminating labor-intensive tasks.

As telecom, IT and utility vendors bill their services, invoicing errors inevitably occur. “Our clients hire us to solve the problems resulting from invoices not arriving on time from the vendor, identifying invoices with billing errors, and paying invoices on time to avoid service disconnects,” states Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint.

RadiusPoint’s priority is not only to identify those errors on a monthly basis, but also to reconcile the invoices with vendors to return overcharges and verify contract savings. The TEM-UEM services specialist produces a quarterly report for each client using KPIs to track spending levels and ROI generated. These reports measure to what degree their partnership with RadiusPoint benefits client organizations.

RadiusPoint’s intelligent cloud-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic, performs a line-item audit for telecom services by wireline/wireless numbers and data circuits, as well as for utility services by meter number, electricity, gas and trash. This line-item audit reduces billing errors by vendors.

When RadiusPoint identifies errors and reconciles them with the vendor, this gives rise to a credit or refund situation, and it avoids future costs for those same charges. Such charges are detailed and reported to the client when the credit appears on the invoices, and when the refund check is received. This is a direct way our clients’ bottom line is positively impacted.

RadiusPoint started offering TEM-UEM services over 30 years ago, and has become a well-known player in the TEM-UEM industry.  RadiusPoint has developed a proprietary software platform offered based on the SaaS model, ExpenseLogic.

Update: RadiusPoint is featured as Representative Vendor for Telecom Expense Management Services in Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide  Telecom Expense Management

RadiusPoint understands that Telecom, Wireless and Utility invoices are unique, and need special attention.

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