Utilities Mismanagement Costs $18K in Unnecessary Expenses

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Utility management is one of RadiusPoint’s BPO specialties. An eye glass retailer-manufacturer selected RadiusPoint to support them throughout the utility management process, including analyzing store locations, identifying requirements, and disconnecting services

This short case study shows how RadiusPoint saved our client $1,500+ a month, but a proactive approach to utility expense management would have had even better results.


A national eye glass and contacts manufacturer-retailer needed an efficient utility management service. With 3 labs and 170 retail locations nationwide, the company was facing multiple location openings, moves and closures each year.

This made for a chaotic utility management process. When we made contact, there were no standards in place at all for this process. There was no point-person or department to manage utility invoices, leaving it to the staff of each location to order and spend as they saw fit.

In fact, the problem was so bad that when a South Carolinian location closed, utility bills (electricity, gas and water) continued to be issued by vendors and paid by our client.


RadiusPoint immediately identified that the South Carolinian location was closed. All vendor invoices billed to that location number were identified, and vendors were contacted to disconnect services. RadiusPoint also obtained order numbers and due dates in order to ensure that future invoices would be accurate.

Using ExpenseLogic, our proprietary SaaS platform, RadiusPoint also flagged the closed location so no charges could be billed to the location number going forward. When final invoices arrived, we checked the usage dates against the disconnect dates to ensure billing accuracy.


RadiusPoint took the appropriate utilities management steps to disconnect all services for this location. This saved our clients $1,500+ a month.

A more proactive approach would have allowed our client to avoid paying $18K+ in utility services not even utilized.

Utilities management generates value

After 30+ years providing BPO services in telecom and utilities management, RadiusPoint knows these services generate big long-term savings. They also generate immediate value in many other ways: identifying unused assets and services, flagging vendors’ billing errors and omissions, saving hours of paid labor work to Accounts Payable teams, giving management teams deeper business intelligence on their operations, etc.

RadiusPoint uses key metrics to measure the ROI generated by its telecom expense and utilities management services, and to assure our clients that their investment in our services pays off multiple times over.

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