Vacancy Cost Recovery Decreases Utility Expenses by 12%

Vacancy Cost Recovery is a significant part of the issues faced by property management companies in the daily management of their properties, approved vendors, and tenants' requests.  When systematic automated processes are not implemented, such tasks become problematic and costly. This is typically the case when tenants move in and out rapidly, and utility services are not transferred smoothly and [...]

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587% ROI on TEM/UEM Services in FY2018

RadiusPoint generated a 587% ROI on TEM/UEM services on average for our clients in FY 2018. ROI is measured and verified against the weekly and quarterly reports created from the monthly billing audits performed on ExpenseLogic™. ExpenseLogic, our business intelligence SaaS platform, audits vendor invoices on a monthly basis. The software provides our clients' management team a line-item audit [...]

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Vendor Billing Audits for a Nationwide Landscaping Company

Technology and utility billing audits remain a primary focus of RadiusPoint's core expertise as we continue providing our clients' best-in-class service level in Technology Expense Management and Utility Expense Management.   A nationwide landscaping company with 500+ locations across the country hired RadiusPoint to provide our full suite of Utility Expense Management services: service optimization, vendor billing audits and [...]

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Contingency Fee Pricing Model: Beware

If you heard the term "contingency fee pricing model", did you ever wonder which party is really benefiting from this model? Typically when you pay for a service, you expect the service to be carried out well and hopefully beyond your expectations. Yet, in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM) arena, the contingency fee pricing [...]

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Utilizing RadiusPoint for Vacant Cost Recovery

Are Utility companies charging you for a unit that is no longer occupied? A term described to aid property owners in recovering costs associated with tenants who fail to transition their utility services in their name on or before moving in is called Vacant Cost Recovery (VCR). As a property management team, we know there are concerns associated with [...]

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Facilities Management: 3 Plans to Yield Cost & Energy Savings

Facilities management is the body of knowledge and practices implemented to ensure the functionality, comfort, and safety of the built environment. Facility management and UEM seek to leverage operational initiatives designed to identify and act to improve the efficiency of energy use across buildings and locations. In view of the current rise in energy prices, organizations have no choice [...]

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TEM-UEM Services: 370% ROI for our Clients in 2020

RadiusPoint Announces TEM-UEM Services Generated a 370% ROI on Average for Clients in 2020 RadiusPoint, a BPO service provider and a leader in the TEM-UEM services industry, announced their clients achieved a remarkable ROI of 370% on average on their services in 2020. This ROI measures the impact of RadiusPoint’s monthly audit of invoices and optimization of services managed, [...]

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Cost Avoidance & Savings: $40K in UEM Cost Optimization

$40K in Cost Avoidance and Cost Savings This case study is about cost avoidance and cost savings in utility expense management. We show how RadiusPoint managed to generate savings of $40K in utility expense by implementing the UEM process.  Managing the full lifecycle of a utility invoice and associated services across multiple vendors is a complex process involving 5 [...]

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Streamlining Invoice Processing for a Healthcare Client

Streamlining Invoice Processing for a Large Healthcare Organization As part of its telecom/utility invoice processing, expense management and process optimization services, RadiusPoint was hired as BPO specialist by a nationwide healthcare organization to streamline their operations. Challenge With 140+ service locations providing 24/7 healthcare services nationwide, our client's Accounts Payable department was tasked with the processing of over 420 [...]

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