Utilities Mismanagement Costs $18K in Unnecessary Expenses

Utility management is one of RadiusPoint's BPO specialties. An eye glass retailer-manufacturer selected RadiusPoint to support them throughout the utility management process, including analyzing store locations, identifying requirements, and disconnecting services This short case study shows how RadiusPoint saved our client $1,500+ a month, but a proactive approach to utility expense management would have had even better results. Challenge [...]

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Audit Uncovers Unrealized Cost Savings of $250K+

Your organization projected savings on its telecom/IT project. Did it achieve these savings? Our case study shows how a medical supply organization with 300+ locations nationwide fell short $250k in projected savings, and what RadiusPoint's 'Inventory & Audit' service uncovered.

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Vendor Management: 13.6% Savings on Cleaning Services

Vendor Management & Supplier Cost Effectiveness: Case Study Introduction This vendor management case study is a good example of how RadiusPoint helps large organizations generate immediate and long-term cost savings. By conducting a systematic supplier cost effectiveness analysis and implementing sound vendor contract management practices at location/business unit level, RadiusPoint helps removing cost creep from our clients' P&L. Cost [...]

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