Bill Audit + e-Procurement: Cost Savings of 37% on Water Delivery

Hard-Dollar Savings with Bill Audit + E-ProcurementThis case study shows how a bill audit carried out by RadiusPoint, associated with the use of an e-Procurement portal, helped our client generate significant soft- and hard-dollar cost savings. ChallengeA healthcare organization with 200+ locations in the United States and Canada used the usual big operators to supply their offices with bottled water. Each [...]

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Shipping Cost Optimization Saves $1.1M Annually

Shipping cost optimization has become a major priority for the logistics, transportation, retail & wholesale distribution, and import/export industries since the first quarter of 2021 when gas and diesel prices started to climb out of the range they had been trading in for years. With the reduction in oil & gas production and availability the contagion effect has been [...]

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Vendor Management: 13.6% Savings on Cleaning Services

Vendor Management & Supplier Cost Effectiveness: Case Study Introduction This vendor management case study is a good example of how RadiusPoint helps large organizations generate immediate and long-term cost savings. By conducting a systematic supplier cost effectiveness analysis and implementing sound vendor contract management practices at location/business unit level, RadiusPoint helps removing cost creep from our clients' P&L. Cost [...]

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