Why TEM Should Be Your Company’s First and Main Focus

Did you know telecommunication services rank as one of the top five expenses for most enterprises, and this will only continue to grow with current business trends? The average global enterprise works with more than 70 carriers. Issues can easily arise if mismanagement of these relationships has occurred. Yes, there have been many revolutionary strides in the telecommunications' industry. [...]

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5 Strategies That Will Help Reduce Telecom Expenses

From fixed and mobile devices to local and international transactions. When it comes to business operating expenses, it’s no surprise that telecom expenses are usually at the top of the list! Our mission here at RadiusPoint is to provide a single-source management platform in order to improve business performance for our clients. Did you know your company’s telecom expenses [...]

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Are You Tired of the TEM Roller Coaster? | RadiusPoint©

Are You Tired of the Roller Coaster? The thrill of r iding a roller coaster can be an adventure.Unfortunately, some Telecom Expense Management (TEM) partners can give you the same scary feeling. Imagining the sensation of the dips and curves; and who can deny the anticipation of climbing the hill for the ultimate tummy tingling sensation when you fly [...]

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