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RadiusPoint’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Dealing with multiple end-users, devices and expenses, as well as with order fulfillment, bulk rollouts and troubleshooting end-users’ issues will take its toll on even the very best wireless management team. Your organization needs to allocate valuable resources to managing all of the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) tasks, as well as to vendor billing, a process that comes with its own set of issues. Cost reduction and avoidance, and improvement in user experience are key objectives.

RadiusPoint provides an exceptional software platform and an expert team of problem-solvers to deliver superior Managed Mobility Services:

  • A tailored online portal for ordering, troubleshooting and break/fix
  • Annual Line registration to ensure your user information is clean and concise
  • Monthly Invoice processing that allocates down to the phone number and Employee ID
  • Bill audit & optimization to ensure vendor invoices are error-free.

Cost Savings

According to Gartner Research, organizations can reduce costs by 5 to 30% in the first year of utilizing a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) or Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider. Billing optimization, inventory management, cost avoidance measures, and granular analytical reporting, all contribute to cost reduction objectives.

RadiusPoint Delivers:

  • Improved business process outcomes

  • Better visibility into expenses, users and devices

  • Granular cost vs consumption reporting

Our Approach

Tailoring services to a client’s needs:

RadiusPoint understands that every organization is unique. Individual clients have different needs, even if equally dynamic. Our Managed Mobility Services (MMS) help your organization automate, control, and reduce mobility expenses. We offer a range of support options from basic to advanced troubleshooting and staging, kitting, recycling and testing.

Why Choose RadiusPoint’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS)?

We enhance the lifecycle of your communication devices through:


Device Lifecycle Management with ExpenseLogic

Integrating ExpenseLogic, our business intelligence SaaS platform, with your organization’s specific needs makes the Device Lifecycle Management process smooth and seamless.

This process scope can range from:

  • Provisioning new services

  • Device recovery

  • Device repair and retirement

  • Asset Management

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