SaaS Spend & Cloud Spend Management Results in Cost Savings

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Cloud Spend Management dovetailed with SaaS Spend Management Software

G2 defines Cloud Spend Management Software as: “Software [that] helps companies reduce waste by alerting users of lowered demand or automatically scaling usage to optimal rates. Also used to increase the efficiency of their cloud service usage… These tools also help companies identify overlap so no company has unnecessary subscriptions for multiple similar tools.

Under the SaaS Spend Management Software category in G2, we find the following definition: “Tools used to manage and control SaaS costs. [They] help centralize visibility over SaaS subscriptions and outline their utilization. Users can then compare utilization figures to the subscription cost and identify unnecessary spending“.

The mission of RadiusPoint is —to a large degree— to help clients control and reduce costs through technology expense management. It was therefore obvious to our team that our clients’ CTOs and managers needed to have a real-time accurate view of their Cloud spend.

A SaaS & Cloud Spend Management Extension

Our business intelligence Saas platform, ExpenseLogic, gives a full account of the inventory of technology/telecom assets of an organization, as well as of their utilization. ExpenseLogic was built around the service offer RadiusPoint’s team of experts in Telecom Expense Management and Mobility Managed Services.

Based on the capabilities of our platform —currently in its v 9.0— we set about to develop a license management extension: License Manager.

Easily configurable and customizable to match our clients’ needs, the License Manager enables them to manage accurately their software licenses. Its interface has been built as a foundation from which to build and update new logical, intuitive end-user functionalities. License Manager also piggy-backs on the native capabilities of ExpenseLogic to enable clients to track their Cloud spend, and access granular reporting on wireless asset utilization.

User-friendliness is a key component of License Manager. As part of the ExpenseLogic UX, its evolution is guided by user feedback. The GUI flattens the learning curve for all end-users, and in the tradition of our MMS offer, it ensures a consistent, satisfying experience across the entire user base.

As a result of this integration, ExpenseLogic end-users can access a real-time reporting of all software licenses and wireless assets in use. The License Manager extension in ExpenseLogic accomplishes 4 purposes:

  • Centralize control over SaaS licenses
  • Facilitate SaaS contract management
  • Track spending and forecast the costs of SaaS subscriptions
  • Monitor SaaS product utilization

A unique positioning on a growing market

According to industry beacon Gartner, Cloud spend  is expected to double over the next 4 years to top $300 billion per year. Yet, our field experience in TEM and MMS has shown us that most companies don’t track and manage accurately their Cloud expense. RadiusPoint’s new Cloud Spend Management Software is a simple, user-friendly solution to a complex cost avoidance issue.

Additionally, our Saas & Cloud Spend Management Software makes securing and supporting Cloud spend management easier and cheaper. This is in direct alignment with our mission: offering great ROI through effective cost cutting and expense management.

An invitation

If you are on this page, that’s probably because you are looking for services and software platforms to help your organization implement positive changes. If implemeting an effective Cloud spend management solution is part of your OKRs, contact one of our experts to discuss how RadiusPoint can help.