Department Integration & Optimization Part 8: Real Estate

view up of skyscraper buildings

This past week, we wrapped up Part 7, the Telecom department in our Integration & Optimization series which comes to an end this week. To conclude our 8 part series, we are down to last but certainly not lease (pun intended), Part 8: Real Estate. This is just another area in your enterprise that integrates well within our cloud-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic.
RadiusPoint offers Lease Management services for Real Estate, Fleet, and Equipment by utilizing a combination of contract and Inventory and Asset Management. Lease management covers not only facilities but equipment that must be tracked by location or by employee. Without a proper lease management repository, you and your organization are at high risk and not in full control of supplier obligations, associated costs, contract terminations, or regulatory compliance.
When an acquisition or divestiture occurs, the records for facilities and equipment are almost impossible to transition.  RadiusPoint’s services allow complete Project management for your next Acquisition or Divestiture all while managing the Transfer of Liability within ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s software tool.
Ensuring that each client consistently maintains accurate information & detailed reporting across all contracts and assets stored in our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic™, we guarantee cost management practices are firmly in place.  This means you would have the ability to see the contract terms, equipment and\or location information as well as any changes that will occur over the life of the lease on one easy to use platform.
Some issues that we have resolved for current clients:

  • Full management of all leases for each facility
  • Automatically set up and disconnect services at each location
  • Automatic alert if invoice continues to bill for closed location
  • Automatic alert if there are contractual obligations for Early Termination Fees

The Real Estate department has a full plate with managing various vendors, contracts and physical addresses of different locations Confirming that the correct services are being ordered and managing all of the locations and their service vendors can be a huge daily task we can take off your plate.