Department Integration & Optimization Part 2: C-Suite

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Part 1 of 8: Accounts Payable was introduced last week to kick off our Department Integration & Optimization 8 part series! This topic was due in part to a question often asked by our clients:
How do different departments within your enterprise integrate with our software?
For part 2 in our Department Integration & Optimization series; we are going to explore how the C-Suite team integrates with our software, ExpenseLogic.
Understanding your company’s Big Data is great but having an analysis of the Big Data is even better.  RadiusPoint will provide the Return on Investment at the 30,000 foot view with supporting documentation to back up the ROI all tracked within ExpenseLogic.   This Data Analysis provides information that allows for strategic business making decisions that affect hard and soft dollar savings.
Having the telecomutilities, equipment and facility lease information all in one place, on one software platform makes reporting for location expenses a breeze.  ExpenseLogic is the logical step in managing the expenses while strengthening your Data Analytics.
Additionally, interfacing with our Client’s Accounting Software is a standard, regardless of the Accounting software currently used.   Providing the reporting – Accrual file, General Ledger reporting, that you are currently using is great, but enhancing the reporting and delivering it to you at predefined intervals makes it 100% better.
Some issues that we have resolved for our clients:

  • Avoid Service Interruptions
  • Reduce staff’s interaction with vendors
  • Break down the invoice information into intelligent reporting in Excel, CSV, and PDF
  • Identify past due invoices before Disconnects occur

Telecom and utility expenses are often the second or third largest business expenses after payroll. Utilizing the latest in techniques and tools, ExpenseLogic transforms your raw data into immediate cost savings and meaningful insight through real-time, detailed reporting via dashboards, Excel files, PDF’s, etc. to give granular views into your Telecom, Wireless and Utility Invoices through reporting analytics.
 Employing a robust, permission-based web reporting tool gives each member of your team the exact level of detail they need to be effective.

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