Department Integration & Optimization Part 1: Accounts Payable

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How do different departments within your enterprise integrate with our software?
This question sparked our attention as it has recently been asked by one of our clients; ultimately, leading us up to our new 8 part series: Process Management: Department Integration and Optimization. Over the coming weeks, we will be diving into your enterprise’s 8 different departments, and how they integrate well with our cloud-based software, ExpenseLogic.
Before we begin, let’s first define Process Management in the telecom sector. Centered around the communications field, Process Management involves managing the supply chain for Telecommunications to include its inventory, ordering and provisioning, invoice and contract, usage, dispute, business intelligence and more. These different areas encompass different departments which bring us to our first area of topic: Accounts Payable. AP is one division that fully incorporates well into our proprietary software.
Having a service disconnected due to a missed invoice is an issue that the Accounts Payable department deals within their daily management of many invoices that must be processed and paid on time.   Limited control of when the vendors provide the invoice and when payments are posted is also a concern.  RadiusPoint’s services deliver the service to get the invoices processed and paid all while creating visibility into the data elements that must be validated before payment is made.
Essentially RadiusPoint functions as an Accounts Payable team to only enhance your enterprise’s current staff. Something we’ve been hearing often from companies is that they already have an accounts payable team to catch any errors or mistakes on telecom and utility invoices. However, in our 27 years’ experience, telecom, wireless and utility vendors can be hard to deal with and some give very short payment times.  Often, it feels like even we are putting out “fires” with the late fee research and disconnect notice resolutions and our sole job is this.  Plus, human errors exist and mistakes are often overlooked simply due to not enough time to filter each line item on the invoice.
As an expense management partner, our #1 goal is to be just that, a partner that makes it easier for your staff to catch any overcharges and be refunded or credited back the amount owed to you. We are not here to disparage your staff or overstep any boundaries, but rather show without the right tools, you are ill-equipped to find every single error in a matter of seconds and credited in the correct time frame.

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