Wireless Discovery and Optimization Saves $830K Annually

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Managing wireless invoices for tens of thousands of users gets complicated and expensive – particularly when wireless overcharges get overlooked. This case study shows how RadiusPoint generates $830K+ in annual savings for a Fortune 100 client through wireless expense management services.


A Fortune 100 company needed to manage the invoices and contract terms for some 10,000 wireless devices. They were in the process of implementing two corporate contracts through Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless, and their wireless expense management workload was fairly hectic.

RadiusPoint was tapped to migrate each end-user to one of the two corporate contracts, depending on usage and geographical coverage requirements.

Additionally, RadiusPoint was tasked with auditing all of the organization’s past telecom invoices to clear up billing discrepancies and recover any credits owed on account of billing errors.


Using its proprietary SaaS platform ExpenseLogic™, our TEM team of specialists processed and audited an extremely large number invoices. This work laid the foundation to continue auditing our client’s telecom invoices on a monthly basis. We worked to identify over-utilization and under-utilizations of minutes under contracted plans.

We also audited and identified users using the client’s purchase card system to pay for individual plans, and moved all those users under the corporate account at negotiated rates.

As the new contracts with AT&T and Verizon were being implemented, our TEM team also managed an Exception reporting process covering all users unable to move to the new corporate contracts immediately.

As part of our wireless expense management mission, we created a “Register Your Line” cloud-based database to register every mobile device in use across the corporation, gathering all identification codes, allocating each device to the correct cost center, and associating the mobile device inventory to a verified employee ID. This verification process enabled our client to manage their entire wireless device inventory more efficiently.

With ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint can also address Wireless Activity Monthly Reports via email to every end-user. These reports include rate plan information and detailed call records. With this control measure in place, our client had an objective basis to ask each end-user to reimburse corporate for personal calls made on their company-issued devices.


At the end of our wireless expense management mission, RadiusPoint had identified and reconciled over $450K in refunds for our client. To this day, our services continue to save them $830K+ annually in Exception reporting alone.

Our wireless expense management (WEM) team complements any Accounts Payable team, providing the staff much-needed breathing room and giving rise to a new, proactive approach to telecom expense management.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization with wireless expense management services, including managing your entire inventory of mobile devices efficiently, auditing all your telecom invoices to achieve significant and lasting cost savings, and recovering credits/refunds owed by telecom vendors for billing errors.

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