Department Integration & Optimization Part 4: Human Resources

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Ending last week with Part 3, Accounts Payable in our 8 part series of Department Integration & Optimization, we continue this week with Part 4: Human Resources. This is another area of your enterprise that is fully integrated within our software for easy tracking and reporting capabilities.
Many times the Human Resources department is overlooked when searching for a solution.  However, when the strength of the Human Resources employee reporting is coupled with our ExpenseLogic software, the management goals are hugely successful.We’ve seen how much of impact Human Resources can receive when expense management decision-making gets placed on the back burner. Notification of a new employee or recently terminated employee is the easy part.   Identifying the services, devices or equipment that the employee needs or must return creates a complex environment of device and equipment management.

By offering full visibility on a single platform, RadiusPoint© ExpenseLogic software transforms your raw data into immediate cost savings and meaningful insight through real-time, detailed reports to give an introspective view of your invoices for the Human Resources department. Also, working closely with the HR department, RadiusPoint’s software, ExpenseLogic will create reporting that identifies equipment that must be returned or equipment that must be assigned out. HR personnel will have peace of mind knowing all equipment and employee is accounted for during the onboarding processes.

Some issues that we have resolved for current clients:

  • Capability to track users by Employee ID
  • Monthly file to show current/previous employees to ensure equipment is returned & services disconnected
  • Capability to track all monthly charges and equipment assigned
  • Portal to identify employee ID during the onboarding process

These are just some of the ways the human resources department integrates well within our software. Employing a robust permission-based web reporting tool gives each member of your team the level of detail needed to be not only cost-effective but save a tremendous amount of time.

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