Department Integration & Optimization Part 5: Finance

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Part 4 of Department Integration & Optimization was shared last week to highlight how our software integrates well within your Human Resources division. To add further to our series, we are up to Part 5: Finance. Our cloud-based software solution; ExpenseLogic integrates well within this department, giving each member of your team the exact level of detail to be cost-effective.
Often times, the Finance team will start the search for a solution when they feel that they need to create cost savings for the Telecom, Wireless and Utility invoices.  It is extremely important to get the Accounts Payable team involved at the onset of the search for the solution as their input will be needed to make this decision.
Interfacing with our Client’s Accounting Software is a standard, regardless of the Accounting software currently used.  This is where our intelligent SaaS integrates well within the Finance department. Providing the reporting – Accrual file, General Ledger reporting, that you are currently used to is great but enhancing the reporting and delivering it to you at predefined intervals makes it 100% better.
Business intelligence is at the heart of what ExpenseLogic software was written to do. Utilizing the latest in techniques and tools, ExpenseLogic transforms your raw data into immediate cost savings and meaningful insight through real-time, detailed reporting via dashboards, Excel files, PDF’s, etc. to give granular views into your Telecom, Wireless and Utility Invoices through reporting analytics.
Creating an amazing software tool is not enough for RadiusPoint, as we also create incredible Return on Investment (ROI) for our Clients month after month. 
Amazing credits/savings that RadiusPoint has achieved for our Clients:

  • A Financial Services firm avoided $2,711.15 in monthly charges on a water invoice. ExpenseLogic identified the error by meter and it was found that there was a leak at the location. The vendor agreed to credit over the normal usage.
  • Over 800 phone lines for a salvage parts dealer were found on the client’s long-distance invoice that resulted in over $10K per month in savings.
  • A Nationwide retailer of Eye Glasses and Contacts with 800 locations saved $203,282.86 in 2017 due to optimization of electric and gas services in their deregulated states.
  • $1.4MM in errors billed on A transportation company’s wireless invoices for incorrect data plans. Credits were applied to the invoices and the plans were corrected.
  • Much more!
Learn what RadiusPoint can do for your enterprise by visiting our website or contacting us today to have a representative reach out to you directly.


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