Department Integration & Optimization Part 6: Information Technology

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Earlier last week, we shared how your Finance department fits in nicely with our software.  To kick off this week, we begin the next piece in our Department Integration and Optimization series with Part 6: Information TechnologyExpenseLogic, our intelligent software integrates well within this division of your enterprise, providing cost-effective measures to make better business decisions.
Telecom and IT Managers have never been faced with so little time and so little resources to manage so much Big Data that is now coming from many of their vendors. Plus, the transformation of the IT and telecommunications services has accelerated to a fast-paced, ever moving target.   This big data is a necessary component for managing the IT expenses for your enterprise locations.
Optimizing the cost and providing Data Analytics to your locations or business units can be overwhelming without the invoice images, invoice data and contracts at your fingertips. Integrating with RadiusPoint’s services and software tool has never been easier as ExpenseLogic keeps track of this information as well as track all equipment by serial number, lease information, phone number, and cost.
Additionally, ExpenseLogic has a Contract Management component that manages all contract information, the contract image, the expiration dates, and the contract rates.  The most exciting component is the contract rates that can be tied to each phone or circuit number or meter number by line item for the most thorough audit in the industry.
RadiusPoint works the Missing Bill report on a daily basis.  ExpenseLogic has the Missing Bill report as a standard report that will allow our team to search for invoices that have not been received within a specific time period.  The Missing Bill report feature also allows for tracking of the conversations with the vendors to retrieve the invoices and reminders if the invoice is not received and entered within a specific timeframe.
Some issues that we have resolved for current clients:

  • Availability of Service/Equipment Ordering Portal
  • Split billing for circuits that are billed to more than 1 location
  • Management of all devices and users in 1 portal
  • Reduce staff’s interaction with vendors
  • SQL Query feature that allows for reporting of every field of information required

The goal is to drastically reduce the amount of time that your team has to interact with your vendors.  Questions that occur on the invoices such as new services added would be questioned by RadiusPoint however many of these types of questions can be resolved by copying RadiusPoint on the orders to the vendors.

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