What Would You Do?

$12,900 over on AT&T bill graphic

What would you do?

Your monthly telecom/IT bill arrives, and it’s 300 pages. A quick look at last month’s ledger shows that this bill is over $12,000 more than last month…for the same services. What do you do? Start leafing through the bill to try to find the difference? Pass it down to staff to try to find the error? The due date is about 8 days out…and your team is already scrambling to pay the rest of the monthly invoices….as well as working remotely.

I wouldn’t even look for it, “I’d just PAY IT.”

This statement came from someone over a large company’s AP department. She acknowledged the fact that:

  • There is no way that their staff had the time to go through an invoice like this.
  • The AP Staff are all veterans, and very good at what they do, but are ill-equipped to be able to dissect a bill of this size.
  • Having tried in the past, some would call the vendor, and get passed around to different people, in different departments, sitting on hold…and then, it’s time to clock out and go home.

Luckily, this bill was from one of our clients, and with our Expense Management system that utilizes our ExpenseLogic software, it took about 3 seconds to audit this entire invoice, and it turn out that there were 4 totally separate charges, in different sections, that made up this overcharge. Our team of trained telecom specialists called the vendor, and got these overcharges credited back to our client, and the corrected invoice was still paid on time.

Here is a Case Study from the RadiusPoint website that is very similar… https://radiuspoint-expenselogic.com/wireless-expense-management-wem-billing-discrepancies-case-study/

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