Wishing a Happy Earth Day from the RadiusPoint Team!

RadiusPoint happy Earth day

Each year, as Earth Day approaches, we are reminded of the impact technology and company policies make on our environment. We have found that, as we examine our policies and carbon footprint during this time, so do many other companies.  The most common questions are:

  • What can we do better to protect the planet?
  • How can we reduce our environmental impact?
  • How do we determine the carbon footprint our company makes?
  • What changes can we make to benefit the environment while reducing our expenses?

As you approach this subject you immediately ask how do we gain all of this information and implement changes with the staff already in place (who already have a full workload)? It is easier than you think! There are many companies that can work with your organization to better manage your energy usage and expenses, for example, RadiusPoint. How? By utilizing several different options like Utility & Energy Management, Energy Conservation & Sustainability, Certified Energy Star Consulting and more, you can better understand what impact your company has on the environment and how to improve your overall carbon footprint.
As you begin looking at these options, you may wonder how to best determine who you should work with. The old proverb Ronald Reagan made known is simple and true; “Trust, but Verify”.  As you research, check to make sure the company is certified by a third party, has robust software in place to eliminate human error, look for resources that document each program/process the company utilizes and request references.
At RadiusPoint, we believe that an organization-wide energy management approach will help our clients improve their bottom line and preserve the environment for future generations. Helping our clients to better understand their energy usage can help them reduce energy consumption. By using ExpenseLogic, our proprietary software platform, RadiusPoint customers can save on direct utility costs and millions of kWh each year while reducing their carbon footprint. This Earth Day, our clients can celebrate knowing they are making a positive impact on the planet, not just on Earth day, but every day.
If you would like to speak with someone about how we can help your organization, visit our website or contact us today!

Wishing you a Happy Earth Day from the team at RadiusPoint!