RadiusPoint Celebrates 30 Years

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January 2, 2022

Orlando, Florida – RadiusPoint is excited to announce its 30th Anniversary this January. In the face of so many changes in technology over the past 3 decades and most recently the challenges that all businesses have faced with a global pandemic, passing this milestone is especially exciting.

“In the face of technology changes, we realize that we must grow, change and adapt to meet our Client’s needs,” says Sharon Watkins, founder and CEO. There are so many new ideas and conversations being had about how to reduce business costs and how to take advantage of the latest and greatest that is being offered by Expense Management vendors. This is the main reason that RadiusPoint continues its work on their proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, to ensure that it has the latest and greatest capabilities. “I do not believe that we will ever be through with our software,” states Ms. Watkins, “it is a one of a kind software that touches several departments in an organization and that meets our Client’s needs and we want to continue its evolution.”

One of the many areas that will continue growth will involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) added to our software based on the services that we provide to our Client’s or in how the software is delivered to our Client’s. Being able to allow machine learning will enable our Client’s to obtain their information faster and in formats that best meets their needs. Being able to surpass the needs and requirements of our Client’s will enable a better and more fulfilling relationship.

Businesses rely on the accuracy and attention to detail needed on Telecom, Wireless, and Utility invoices and inventory each month. All these transactions must be recorded and tracked for easy access for auditing and reporting on a single platform. While identifying expensive billing errors, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software, ExpenseLogic gives Client’s access to its various types of telecom, IT and utility invoices. Agility of their Service Delivery allows RadiusPoint to scale as needed when needed.

Providing a positive return on investment (ROI) for our Client’s is a must and auditing the invoices monthly, disputing the errors and tracking the credits to fulfillment is just one of the reasons that RadiusPoint is a premier partner. RadiusPoint has received many accolades with the most recent being a part of the Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services.

As the telecom and utility vendors provide invoices, errors are inevitable and will occur. RadiusPoint’s intelligent cloud-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic, performs a line item audit for telecom services by wireline and wireless numbers, data circuits as well as utility services by meter number, electricity, gas, and trash, keeping vendors in check with how they are billing the services.

To learn more about RadiusPoint expense management services, visit www.radiuspoint.com.

About RadiusPoint

Founded in 1992, RadiusPoint is a leading provider of Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), and Utility Expense Management (UEM) services. With corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, RadiusPoint provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients improve business performance worldwide.

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