RadiusPoint Uncovers the Benefits of Online Ordering

ExpenseLogic login

For the past two months, RadiusPoint wanted to uncover the benefits of online ordering and how companies can easily intergrate them.Therfore, have honed in on our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM) services by giving you an inside look of our capabilities. This week, our aim is to address issues your company may be facing when devices become damaged, troubleshooting existing service/device or any customer service requests.

Before we dive into how we can alleviate these concerns, we first, take a consultative approach to ensure each client is set up accurately in our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, including inventory, coding, hierarchy, permissions, etc. During the setup phase, a portal is created for authorized employees, utilizing a unique user login. Providing our clients with their own portal allows every employee the ability to submit change requests, order new services/devices, report trouble, etc. while providing data security, smooth processes, quick responses and historical data. As the setup phase nears completion,RadiusPoint provides training to all ExpenseLogic end users, ensuring an even transition. Once inside the portal, you simply choose the type of request (order new devices, add, remove services, etc.), fill out basic information, and submit. Simple as cake.
As far as devices go, it’s only a matter of time before your employee’s phone, tablet, etc. needs repair or a new one altogether. The benefit of online orderin with our software is that if you have a cracked screen you can have it repaired instead of replacing it. Utilizing our portal is both quick and easy, providing you with minimal down time versus taking it into a store which could easily have an employee waiting for hours causing them to be unproductive on the clock unnecessarily. Ensuring streamlined processes are in place allows you to easily track, monitor, and request new items while reducing costs at the same time. What’s more efficient than using a system similar to an Amazon shopping cart?
Our goal here at RadiusPoint is to partner with our clients to provide you with streamlined processes, simplified data & tracking, reduced expenses and improved employee efficiency when dealing with your organization’s technology. We pride ourselves in offering the ability to provide you with all of these services on a single platform to better suite your business needs and allow you to focus on the core of your organization.
Identifying a company with robust online reporting tools that offers more than the standard realm of TEM services will not only uncover potential savings and optimize expenses, but will allow you to put the time and money back where it belongs – into your organization. For over 26 years, RadiusPoint has done just this and will continue to. Watch for upcoming articles that will provide more insight into ExpenseLogic in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our services and how RadiusPoint can save you time and money, please visit our website or contact us today!