Inventory management is one of the eight cornerstones of ExpenseLogic®, our SaaS platform. This case study covers the way we helped a local county government bring their inventory under control, with associated savings.

Any organization with a large number of telecom and IT assets needs to be able to track their inventory of equipment, lines, and services. When the organization has local sales points or business units (or, in the case of the county, departments), inventory management has to be done down to the local level to assign assets and usage to the correct cost center.


The Tennessee County government had no inventory of their telecom services, POT lines, circuits and devices. The county staff was overwhelmed just to get the service invoices processed and paid on time. The breakdown of invoices for allocation and IDB reporting was taking place weeks after they had been paid. This delay in data analytics made it impossible for county officials to make informed, timely financial decisions.


With ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint had the capability to assist with the county with their big data needs, to identify their inventory, and to store the information: landline, wireless and circuit numbers, wireless device serial numbers, router and PBX information.

Our initial Inventory and Audit service gathers the information that is stored in ExpenseLogic. This information is readily available when the need arises to retrieve specific data about services and equipment used at any given location. This inventory management system is a time-saver for Facilities and Telecom/IT teams. Even more importantly in the case of Tennessee County, it generated savings by allowing county officials to remove unnecessary services and offload from them vendors’ invoices.


With RadiusPoint invoice processing and allocation, the county government was able to see soft dollar savings monthly. Additionally, inventory reporting allowed an automated split allocation of equipment shared by multiple departments.

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