What is your Customer Service Dream?

Getting the data exactly the way you need it is our Customer Service dream.   The Team at RadiusPoint wants to make sure that you get your reports exactly as you need them, when you need them and delivered to your email.

We recently had a Client ask for an addition to our standard Weather Normalization Report.   Their team needed the standard report information but in a Year over Year format for better tracking of the electric and gas usage, based on the weather in the various locations.

  • Tracking the last 12 months allowed them to better forecast usage for the future

  • Incorporating their last 12 months allowed them to create a better Accrual file for the coming year
  • Utilizing the normalized weather allowed them to project the weather patterns for the coming year

This Client met with their Account Executive, a representative from the Utility Expense Management department and the software development team to come up with a reporting tool that best fulfilled their reporting needs.   The incredible part of this is that all they had to do was ask.   The RadiusPoint Team made quick work of their request and the software development team fulfilled their need.