Powerful Utility & Energy Expense Management

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Why Choose our Utility Expense Management (UEM) or Energy Management Services (EMS)?

RadiusPoint’s technology and 30-year expertise continuously evolve to meet the data analysis and reporting needs of each of our clients, whether it is benchmarking or vacant cost recovery. By way of example, clients in the property management industry needed specific reporting identifying move in/move-out timing, as well as vacant cost recovery. Our team of software experts rose to the challenge, and created a VCR reporting function within our SaaS platform ExpenseLogic.

Utility Expense Management Services – Lifecycle Coverage

Benefits of our Services in Utility and Energy Expense Management

Utility costs are an oversight nightmare, with multiple service types —electric, gas, water/sewer, and various types of waste collection services—  with cost fluctuations based on weather-impacted usage. A major component of our BPO service portfolio, our Utility Expense Management services manage the entire lifecycle of the meter and services, from order placement, verification of service establishment, cost allocation set-up, audit and optimization, all the way to utility bill payment.

As part of its BPO service portfolio, RadiusPoint:

  • Manages the entire lifecycle of the utility invoice, from receipt to payment

  • Places order for new services, or disconnect existing vendor services

  • Automates consumption cost allocation to the right location and cost center

  • Performs energy management optimization for cost avoidance & energy savings

Two of our clients discuss the greatest benefits their organizations have received from RadiusPoint, in terms of reductions in labor time and costs, general level of service, and customization of services to our clients’ needs.

Discover through Detailed Case Studies How our Utility and Energy Expense Management Services Help Your Organization

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RadiusPoint publishes detailed case studies on TEM/UEM & MMS missions we carried out for clients. Discover the challenges other organizations face, how we tackled them, what tangible results were obtained, and the ROI our intervention generated.

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