Experiencing growth in number of locations is exciting for a business but this growth always causes an increased workload for the Accounts Payable department. Ensuring that the newly opened or acquired locations are set up properly in the accounting software and invoices processed and paid on time can sometimes be too much for the current team.


A nationwide optometry and eye glass organization with 170 locations experienced phenomenal growth year over year. New locations were opened and acquisitions were made that allowed this organization to grow to over 1,200 locations in a few short years. The normal growing pains occurred with each location that opened or locations acquired. So how can the growth continue without exploding the Accounts Payable team?


This organization partnered with RadiusPoint while they were still small, 170 locations across the US. Some of the locations were large corporate type locations but most were retail centers in strip mall settings. Some of the issues that occurred with each acquisition or new location opening.

  • Acquisitions created extra workload for Utility invoices, electric, gas, water and trash, to complete Transfer of Liability documents for the newly acquired locations
  • During responsibility transfer and set up, RadiusPoint identified Deposits being held on each account and release date
  • Contracts were identified and if applicable, hard copies obtained
  • Address changes were made with each vendor to ensure utility invoices were routed for processing and payment
  • New location electric, gas, water and trash services were set up with each Vendor and contract rates and deposit information captured from inception


RadiusPoint provided a service to augment the current Accounts Payable team which enabled the client to not have to ramp up their Accounts Payable team with each acquisition. The Utility Expense Management services provided the full lifecycle management of the utility, electric, gas, water and trash invoices. RadiusPoint ensured that the invoices were received on time, audited for accuracy, allocated to the correct Cost Center, payment to the vendor was made and the invoices were imaged for future needs.

RadiusPoint’s software, ExpenseLogic, created reporting that detailed the kWh and therms that allowed their organization to monitor the usage in granular detail. With this detailed information it became easy for this organization to create and maintain a sustainability program.


This partnership allowed this organization to add locations without adding Accounts Payable staff with the enormous growth. Keeping the headcount at a minimum was just one of the positive results of over a decade long relationship.

  • Invoices paid on time eliminated late fees and disconnections
  • Invoices were set up correctly the first time and managed through receipt to payment with the Missing Bill research
  • Deposits are managed yearly to ensure release date is adhered to by the Vendor
  • New locations are set up correctly from inception with contracts enacted and deposit information captured
  • Reporting on all locations for each service type of the utilities, electric, gas, water and trash is readily available
  • The Energy Sustainability program is easy to monitor and report upon monthly

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