RadiusPoint makes utilities management quick and painless. By simply turning their utilities management services over to RadiusPoint, learn how an Eye Glass Retailer / Manufacturer was able to save over $1,500 a month.RadiusPointwas chosen to support the client throughout the utilities management process, including analyzing store locations, identifying requirements, and disconnecting services.


A national Eye Glass and Contact Manufacturer and Retailer needed to efficiently manage their utility services. With 3 labs and 170 retail locations nationwide, this company was facing multiple location openings, moves and closures each year. This made for a chaotic utility management process.When this client came to RadiusPoint, there were no standards in place at all. There was no point person or department to manage utility invoices – leaving each location’s employees to order and spend as they saw fit. In fact, the problem was so bad that a location in South Carolina closed, but the invoices for the electricity, gas and water continued to bill and to be paid.


Upon hiring RadiusPoint, the South Carolina location was immediately identified as closed. All vendors billing to that location number were identified and then contacted to disconnect the services. Order numbers and due dates were also obtained, in order to ensure the accuracy of the next invoices. With RadiusPoint’s tool ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint also flagged the location so no charges could be billed to the location number going forward. When the final invoices arrived, the usage dates were checked with the disconnect dates to ensure accuracy of billing from the vendor.


RadiusPoint took the appropriate utilities management steps to disconnect all of the services for this location and was able to save the company over $1,500 a month on a closed location’s utility services. However, a proactive approach would have allowed RadiusPoint to help the client avoid $18,175.04 for utility services that weren’t even being utilized.Utility expense management can save your company big money in the long run.

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