Clients trust RadiusPoint to manage their utility service invoices in order to identify savings they are unaware of or don’t have the time to manage in-house. In the case  details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved a retail/manufacturer client up to 13% on their services.


A national eye glass and contact manufacturer and retailer has 170 retail locations and 3 labs – and the invoices to match its large size. Prior to working with RadiusPoint, this company dealt with over 80 vendors on a monthly basis and had no staff expertise or time to identify the states with deregulated utilities. They were quickly becoming overwhelmed with the management of these vendors and invoices. Once the client realized they needed help, they brought RadiusPoint in to alleviate the workload. RadiusPoint immediately began the process of identifying savings for those locations in the deregulated states.


The first step in getting a true picture of usage was to review each month’s invoices for (at least) the past 6 months. Usage patterns and usage amounts were integral to obtaining bids from the competing electricity and/or gas vendors. A few of the vendors did not want to participate in a bid process due to the amount of usage.

RadiusPoint was able to narrow down the potential providers in each states and then requested proposals based on the client’s actual usage. RadiusPoint’s Professional Services division analyzed the competitor’s quotes using the actual usage to identify the savings. RadiusPoint also analyzed other fees utilizing our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic  that would be involved with a switch to another provider.


RadiusPoint helped move the utility services for gas and electricity for locations in 4 deregulated states. The result was between a 4% and 13% savings overall. RadiusPoint manages utility service invoices on behalf of our clients on a daily basis. Turn your utility invoices over to RadiusPoint to get the best possible savings.

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