Our proprietary software platform ExpenseLogic is a component of RadiusPoint’s portfolio of services. ExpenseLogic helps organizations manage their telecom expenses systematically, and access business intelligence in real time. When ExpenseLogic is used in association with the line-item billing audit services provided by RadiusPoint, clients have the benefit of having fully dedicated human resources with a deep understanding of telecom processes and business environment.

In this case study, we explain how we helped a client in the hospitality industry from wasting telecom dollars.


A nationwide restaurant chain with 240 locations and multiple telecom vendors had a problem. Prior to working with RadiusPoint, this client had another Telecom Expense Management (TEM) firm processing their invoices for payment. Upon examination of services performed by that firm, we discovered that error detection and reconciliation services had not been performed — much to the surprise of the client.

As a result, we identified numerous 3rd-party telecom vendor billing errors, and no one to facilitate refunds and removal.  These were costing our client every month, unbeknownst to them.


When we took over the TEM services, the first order of business was to identify all erroneous telecom vendor charges. To do this, we set limits in our business intelligence SaaS platform, ExpenseLogic, to flag any charges from a 3rd party or long-distance telecom vendors on local telephone invoices.

Utilizing the flags sent by ExpenseLogic, our Billing Analysts performed the following steps to reconcile errors:

• Third-party vendor contacted to dispute errors
• Identified personnel that may have placed orders for services
• Cancelled services to remove future billings
• Requested refunds for unauthorized charges


As a result of RadiusPoint’s services, our client was able to save more money in a single month than the cost of our invoice processing and payment services for a full year.