RadiusPoint Gift Matching Program

RadiusPoint understands the importance of giving back. And with that, we want to do our part not only as a company but as a community. Now our employees have the chance to contribute to one of many charities that reign dear to our hearts. Each of these organizations provides an array of programs and benefits for our military and First Responder. These benefits can range from providing housing for a fallen soldier or police officer to scholarships for their children. These organizations have done outstanding duty trying to meet the needs of those that protect us the most.

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Select Charity and Donation

Select a Charity from one of the choices above and complete your donation on their portal. There can be no matching gift without an initial gift to match!

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Complete Gift Matching Form

RadiusPoint employees must complete the Gift Matching form to verify donation to complete your participation in the program.

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RadiusPoint Matches Your Donation

We will verify and match your contribution. Match ratio is 1:1 which means we will donate the same amount to the charitable organization that you donate.

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Take Pride and Share Your Support

You did it! Thank you for helping us help others. We will send you your personalized badge! Please feel free to share your awesome achievement!

Have you completed your donation?

Did you receive a confirmation email or certificate of donation?

If so, then your awesome! Click the button to the right to complete the gift matching process.