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What is Freight Expense Management | FEM?

RadiusPoint is a quickly becoming a thought leader in the global freight and logistics management industry, by partnering with Broussard Logistics we can provide an efficient solution for better management of costs and increased profitability. We have perfected the automation processes so enterprises now can seamlessly convert freight invoices into an integrated electronic format. In addition, we now have access to massive amounts of data and market information to utilize in carrier rate negotiations. By successfully integrating our software with Broussard, we have created a solution for businesses of all sizes to gain a competitive edge. Allowing all enterprises to be left with fewer manual processes, giving your employees more time to focus on core business functions and improve customer service.Use our checklist to identify possible billing errors in your freight invoices that could bring your business measurable savings.
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RadiusPoint and Broussards alliance provides our clients with readily available solutions that drive productivity and offers full control and transparency for any Freight, Logistics and Expense Management.

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