A Food Service company with multiple locations, distribution facilities, food plants, farms and ranches had hundreds of wireless devices to manage. Unfortunately they did not have a Wireless Policy and no structure for adding new users to their plans or for obtaining a new device.

  • Over 600 phones billed monthly with no employee names
  • Multiple pagers that were part of the wireless program
  • No approval process for equipment purchases


RadiusPoint was able to immediately make recommendations that would save the company money, as well as, make sense of the entire Wireless Program.

  • Register your Line program site was created
  • Contracts were reviewed for accuracy
  • Wireless Policy was created
  • Audit of services and devices commenced


RadiusPoint created a client specific tailored website for their end users to register their line and device through our Register Your Line portal. This easy to use online portal allowed the end user to follow a link to register their wireless or pager number. A text message or email went out to the end user instructing them to go to the site to register their phone number and their device. Each end user provided their name, Cost Center number, if they knew it, their manager’s contact information and their own contact information. The process took two months to complete which allowed enough time for each user to get the notification and register their services.

What did we accomplish?

  1. Register your Line identified 56 users that were no longer employed by the Client but services were paid monthly
  2. Numerous wireless and paging devices that were lost but the monthly fee was still billing
  3. Numerous in-stock devices that were billing a monthly fee but were not assigned out

RadiusPoint provided this Client a report that contained recommendations of services and devices that should be canceled. Additionally, RadiusPoint was able to assist with creating a Wireless Policy for all users to follow.

End Result: 22% reduction in monthly cost!

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