Did you know telecommunication services rank as one of the top five expenses for most enterprises, and this will only continue to grow with current business trends? The average global enterprise works with more than 70 carriers. Issues can easily arise if mismanagement of these relationships has occurred. Yes, there have been many revolutionary strides in the telecommunications’ industry. However, it is very crucial for the modern enterprise to partner with the right TEM firm to automate and simplify the entire process.

Given the impact of telecommunications on the overall budget, many companies are challenged to balance rising costs while recognizing the organization’s critical need for a reliable, efficient telecommunications network.

The answer lies in TEM (Telecom Expense Management), which is purpose-built to increase data visibility, improve processes, and ultimately aid an enterprise in optimizing saving and decisions. Since its inception in 1992, RadiusPoint©  has specialized in Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Utility Expense Management (UEM).

Companies Should Work Harder to Align

We’ve seen how much of impact an organization can receive when telecom efficiency decision-making gets placed on the back burner. This helps to justify the increases or decreases in TEM can create a unified mindset where an enterprise and all departments can work together to align, define and create a common set of clear processes. This is often the natural push and pulls between a company that determines how they can better work together for the greater good.

When global enterprises have access to the right data points and decisions are made for the right reasons, it creates greater cohesion within the organization.

TEM Commits to SLAs and TCO Reduction

TEM supports and understands the importance of maintaining a solid SLA is just as important as the delivery of the service. For RadiusPoint©, sustaining a secure and compliant SLA is vital to our workflow process. Priority #1 is to ensure you not only receive a service that fits your business model, but you also receive a service that exceeds expectations in its delivery.

TEM is also an effective way to ensure and increase the accuracy of expense tracking and reporting. Companies are at risk of losing millions of dollars resulting from one consistent error, fraud or unauthorized charges. The TCO is a key component that should be examined from the basis of the onboarding, or the company setup, and the monthly operation of the solution. This creates a powerful asset to the bottom line for the company, which helps to eliminate potential fraud and unauthorized charges.

Establishing Full Visibility

By offering full visibility on a single platform, RadiusPoint© ExpenseLogic software transforms your raw data into immediate cost savings and meaningful insight through real-time, detailed reports to give an introspective view into your Telecom, Wireless and Utility Invoices. TEM can provide transparency into recurring expenses, non-recurring overcharges, and usage-based fees. , ExpenseLogic™ can support an entire organization whether it begins in better fact-based decision making, employee accountability, overall transparency, and much more.

To learn more about our services and how RadiusPoint© can help your business reduce these expenses, please visit our website or contact us today.