RadiusPoint is an expense management expert. Our clients relyon RadiusPoint support to manage their invoices and identify dramatic savings. In the case details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved manufacturer client $100,000.00.


An international glass manufacturer has over 120 locations and more than 2,200 land lines to manage. Approximately 80% of the landlines were provided by one local vendor and the remaining lines were provided by multiple vendors. The initial issues began when the one major vendor began taking over all of the other lines into a consolidated Managed Care account. Even though there was a charge-per-line and the major vendor had the majority of the lines billed on one billing platform, there were still issues with getting orders placed in a timely manner or in troubleshooting problems. The issues experienced were compounded even further when the major vendor had to place orders with smaller local service providers.
Additionally, many of the locations experienced serious frustration when they were paying monthly for a service that they were not using. The Managed service offered by this vendor billed per line on a monthly basis and many of the locations did not have a need for the services.


  1. The management of this number of lines proved too much for the customer to handle in-house, so they outsourced the Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnects for all locations to RadiusPoint.
  2. RadiusPoint analyzed the situation and determined that this manufacturer would be better off with a pay-per-use agreement. This solution involved:The locations needing assistance would correspond with RadiusPoint through ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software-an automated response gave the location the assurance that their order or trouble had been reported correctly.
  3.  Changes to the billing flowed through to the ExpenseLogic Invoice Processing platform to ensure accuracy in billing and payment.
  4. The savings were astounding and affected every location.


The savings realized by this manufacturer using RadiusPoint’s Professional Services with respect to the Support Desk was over $100,000.00 for one year. The necessary data is readily available in the ExpenseLogic software system that RadiusPoint uses on a  monthly basis to manage this client’s invoices and expenses. RadiusPoint  performed this work on a project or hourly basis to allow the client to retain as  much of their recovery as possible.

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